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Greece, trafficking of wombs and children: newborns "seized", couples stranded waiting
The team of the Mediterranean Fertility Institute of Crete arrested on suspicion of trafficking in human beings and gametes, fraud and falsification. Many dozens of poor Eastern European women convinced to allow themselves to be exploited to provide children to mostly Australian clients

The Mediterranean Fertility Institute, a surrogacy clinic in Crete, was raided by the police on suspicion of human trafficking

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“Lia” Thomas wins and the patriarchy rejoices
Not even the second scandalous victory of swimmer "Lia" Thomas is enough to break the media silence on the incredible injustice of male bodies in women's sports. But in the meantime Iowa signs a decree to save the races from these invasions. Another thirty US states plan similar laws. And the Australian Prime Minister is committed to women's sport. BREAKING NOW: FLORIDA GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS REFUSED TO RECOGNIZE THOMAS' VICTORY AND DECLARED HIS COMMNATIONAL EMMA VEYANT (SECOND PLACE) THE LEGITIMATE WINNER OF THE COMPETITION

“Lia” Thomas, THE trophy-stealing swimmer (see here), easily won the American University League (NCAA I) final, as predicted. Not

International news

Australia: stop hormones for children without the approval of a court?
Even if the law allows the transition of minors on the basis of a simple medical evaluation - as in Italy, after all - a clinic holds back and requires the judge's consent to "treat" a girl, despite the parents' approval. Sign of a change of course due to fear of litigation after detransitioner Keira Bell won her case against the British healthcare system

The fear of legal disputes on treatments for gender transition in minors is increasing: the specialized "gender clinics", which

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