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On the risks of the ROPA method
The technique used by a growing number of lesbian couples consists in using the oocyte of one to create an embryo which will then be inserted into the womb of the other which will lead to the pregnancy. A dangerous practice physically and psychologically both for the two women and for the child who will be born. Here because

In our recent statement For the true good of children we expressed our concern about the growing use by […]

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This time yes: on children's skin
Against the ruling of the Court of Cassation, which prevents the full transcription of the birth certificates of children born from rented wombs by admitting that only the biological parent is named and indicating stepchild adoption for his partner, some male couples in Milan they would be undertaking a new form of resistance: not even registering the biological parent - or both or neither - leaving the child in an administrative limbo in which, in this case yes, he would be deprived of the most basic rights, from the pediatrician to the school

After the Prefecture of Milan, in application of a sentence of the Court of Cassation, blocked the transcriptions of the

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The prefect to Mayor Sala: stop the registration of children of same-sex couples
The decision makes those girls and boys more equal and not unequal as we read in many ideological comments today. Starting from the equal right to the truth about one's origins enshrined in all international conventions. And to the attribution of the same citizenship rights recognized to every new born: here's why

The prefect of Milan has ordered mayor Beppe Sala to block the transcriptions of birth certificates of children

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New NO from the Supreme Court to the registration of "two fathers" from a rented womb
For the second time the Supreme Court reiterates: those birth certificates issued abroad cannot be registered by Italian registry offices. For the biological father's partner the only path is adoption. Surrogacy remains a high negative value and violates the dignity of women. Mayor Sala immediately stops transcribing them, as requested in our complaint

The sentences must be read carefully because the devil, so to speak, hides in the details. But no doubt about it

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Mayor Beppe Sala's "gift" to Pride
D'from now on in Milan the birth certificates of the children of "homoparental couples" will be automatically registered, including those born from rented wombs. Even if the law and subsequent sentences firmly condemn the practice and point the way to adoption for the "intentional" parent. But the registry is the responsibility of the State, and not of local administrations. And the Milanese have never been questioned about it: all the critical issues of a unilateral and very glam decision which could also present aspects of unconstitutionality

“We have restarted the recognition of children born in Italy to same-parent couples”: the words with which the mayor Beppe Sala

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