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On abortion only propaganda: "Fluff amendment, good for the electoral campaign"
The recently approved paragraph which authorizes pro-life associations to enter counseling centers does not actually add or change what is already provided for by law 194. Marina Terragni and Francesca Izzo explain this. And even the Pro Vita are quick to point out: we will not enter the clinics. The topic is good for the political clash in view of the European elections. But the law remains as it is

It is sad to have to talk about abortion on command: abortion is a complex and painful experience for the vast majority of women. […]

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When abortion is violence
A large number of pregnancy terminations can be explained by men's irresponsibility and "escape". “For whose pleasure am I aborting?” Carla Lonzi wondered. But this male violence is never mentioned and women continue to be blamed. As the ProVitas do with their proposal to force them to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus

Assuming that there was a need, the Hon. Maria Rachele Ruiu of ProVita I said with the utmost frankness that to oblige

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Women-containers: prolife and pro-uterus for rent see it the same way
For both, the female body must make itself available to "produce" the unborn child, renouncing the possibility of choice once the pregnancy has begun. But a new life really begins only when there is a maternal yes: a fact that cannot be circumvented and unattainable by law. Otherwise the only possibility is coercion

On the bill filed by Maurizio Gasparri to modify article 1 of the Civil Code and introduce the recognition of capacity into our legal system


RU486 or abortion pill: myths, misunderstandings and business
Chemical abortion is sold as freer and more self-determined, but it is not the solution for everyone: it is longer and more painful than surgical abortion, sometimes less safe and serves above all to save the healthcare system as explained in the essay by three American feminists . Women must be guaranteed the right to be informed and to consciously choose between the two options: here is a bill to make hospitals work

A few days ago we published “When abortion interests men”. In the note we mentioned the different methods of involuntary interruption

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Women attacked from the right and the left: the ashes on the heads of the New York Times
Organ of liberals and woke culture, for some months the great US newspaper has undertaken a vigorous change of direction, admitting its excesses and the misogyny of the new progressive trend committed to erasing women. While waiting for the self-critical wind to arrive in Europe too

by Pamela Paul Perhaps it makes sense that women – creatures with a compliant and pleasant appearance, altruistic and very nice –

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New England Journal of Medicine: Abortion ban is a health catastrophe
The prestigious magazine raises the alarm: it will be mainly poor and black women who will pay the price of the Supreme Court's ruling, forced to have clandestine abortions with serious risks to their health. Even the morning-after pill and even the spiral could be banned and prosecuted as abortifacients

The United States Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization represents an extraordinary reversal (…) Yet not

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How they won the war on Roe
Not having transformed Roe v. Wade in law was the capital mistake of the American left, starting with Barack Obama. Abortion was a completely secondary issue for liberals absorbed in trans-politics, who spent the years erasing the word "woman" by renaming it "menstruator" and "uterus-bearer", rather than dealing with women's rights

How did pro-life Americans win the war against Roe v. Wade? In the article referred to there

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Midterm elections in the USA: will women be decisive after the ruling on abortion?
What will American women do now? Will solidarity between them win, as it has always won in Italy regarding abortion? Or will they settle on opposing sides in a quasi-civil war? The November vote will be the first test. Women could constitute the strong nucleus of that moderate front which is unable to find political expression in the USA

What will American women do now? Solidarity between them will win, as it has always won in Italy regarding abortion,

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Abortion: precisely what do pro-lifers want?
Today in Rome the Pro-Life Demonstration will return to shout no to abortion, awaiting the Supreme Court ruling which could make it illegal in the USA. But the abolition of law 194 is unthinkable, there is no majority that would support it. What do you ask then? What are the real objectives of the movement?

Today the Pro-Life Demonstration will take place in Rome. Net of the earthquake that is shaking the world of

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Abortion in the USA: something doesn't add up
A "little hand" brings out a Supreme Court ruling well in advance that would make the termination of pregnancy illegal. To whose benefit, and why? With what consequences on the midterm elections, in which Biden was expected to lose? And what does gender critical feminism, which some liberal observers want to blame, have to do with all this?

A real political bomb thrown a few months before the midterm elections is the draft ruling of the American Supreme Court,

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Matic Report: Europe pushes on gender identity
Bypassing the sovereignty of member countries, the European Parliament produces indications on sexual and reproductive health: self-id, male maternity, rented uterus, assisted fertilization for all, hormones for children, rented uterus. The hand of Big Tech on our lives, for an anthropological mutation of the human

In the framework of the theme of women's health, at the plenary session of the European Parliament on the health situation on 23 June

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