No, the veil is not "feminist"
Not all choices, however apparently free, can be defined as feminism. The modesty of Islamic clothing is a surrender to the idea of the impurity of women and the ungovernability of male sexuality. And it's not clear why a left-wing weekly like l'Espresso promotes modest fashion ***

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The latest issue of L'Espresso, in the “Belle storie” series, publishes a text by Francesca Barra entitled: “Wearing the veil is a feminist choice”.

The author interviews Aya Mohamed, defined as an "Italian-Egyptian activist". Aya (on Instagram @milanpyramid) “on social media explains how she understands faith: «Feminism is not unique and universal for all women in the world, which is why I am aware of the fact that each people carries forward their own culture. For me the veil is a free choice like a miniskirt"
Aya says: «I shared with others how I combined the veil with my style. It wasn't as popular in mainstream stores, eitherToday many brands also make modest fashion collections. There is greater openness and attention." Today Aya combines her passion for fashion with cultural events, bringing together music, fashion, food and art.

“At eighteen she began wearing the veil by choice and only she at home, because her sisters don't do it and her mother interprets the veil differently from her, wearing another headdress. «Wearing the veil is a feminist choice, especially today. I believe in intersectional feminism because our experiences are. Feminism is not unique and universal for all women in the world, which is why I am aware of the fact that each people carries forward their own culture. For me the veil is a free choice like that of nuns or a miniskirt. Muslim nuns and girls are different, but their commitment to their respective faiths is the first thing we see. When a woman is killed because she does not wear the veil, this murder cannot become a label for all Muslim countries. The problem in that case is political, not religious. The problem is incorrect theocracy not based on the Quran. When a Muslim woman is prevented from driving it is not written in the Koran and is not a ban applied in all Muslim countries. We must distinguish. The veil is a dress code, Islam is also a lifestyle with rules for men and women. When I wear it, people know I'm Muslim. This is my way of expressing it: a spiritual exercise such as fasting or praying."

Some observations:

  1. It is not at all essential that everything is “feminist”. Feminism is not mandatory.
  2. The veil can be a choice: probably in the vast majority of cases on a global level it is not, judging for example by the excruciating struggle of the Iranian women who pay with their lives for wanting to take it off, but for some like Aya it falls into the category of free choices. In any case, this is not a "feminist" choice.
  3. Not all free choices are “feminist” (and obviously intersectional, as the faut). There are also free choices that are not "feminist" at all.
  4. A woman who has her daughter infibulated and who claims to exercise freedom of choice is not "feminist" at all; a woman who chooses to prostitute herself, even freely, is not a "feminist".
  5. The choice to wear the veil cannot be defined as "feminist" because, even if adopted without constraints, it supports the idea of women as bearers of impurity and disorder for the fact of arousing with the exposure of his hair l'uncontainable and ungovernable sexual desire of men: in the jāhiliyya pre-Islamic, the period of ignorance prior to the coming of Muhammad, women who exposed their limbs and demonstrated their sexual voracity were the main promoters of the chaos. The veil as well as other garments that hide the sinful and impure female body cannot be defined as "feminist", but constitute the surrender to the idea of a predatory male sexuality and that of a female sexuality threatening to the established order. So they represent precisely the opposite of feminism.
  6. If we all freely wore the veil, the world would certainly not become more "feminist".
  7. It's really not clear, in conclusion, why liberal feminism supported by the progressive left is so committed to Islamic veil propaganda.  MARINA TERRAGNI
  8. *** Aya Mohamed, as can be seen from her Instagram profile, is a "modest fashion" testimonial for the biggest fashion brands. Maybe declaring yourself a feminist is part of the marketing 

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