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Sosteniamo VandA e l'editoria indipendente delle donne!

For women, the body is often a battlefield with their self-esteem.
Bras, panties, swimming costumes, are the visual reference to a commercial and idealised image of women to which their real bodies, and above all different from each other, cannot conform. Instead, without these visual references, unattainable standards set by others, every single woman can go back to loving herself and seeing her body for what it is: unique and beautiful.

Sosteniamo VandA e l'editoria indipendente delle donne!

Despite decades of activism on gender inequalities and equal rights, why does discrimination remain endogenous to the social and political system? What is it that makes patriarchy so resilient and resistant to change? Undoubtedly, one of the factors that keeps it going is the fact that some people benefit from the unfair advantages that patriarchy confers on them. But is this enough to explain its stubborn persistence? (outgoing)

Sosteniamo VandA e l'editoria indipendente delle donne!

On 21 March 1992, two great women, one a leading figure in Italian politics and the other a leading figure in international literature, met in Rome. A 'summit meeting', at the summit of the summit, two giants, Rossana Rossanda and Christa Wolf. Two women who are much admired and esteemed, and not only by feminism. Organised by the Virginia Woolf Centre, a well-known feminist association, the event was conceived and led by the then president Alessandra Bocchetti. The theme was fascinating and daring: women's happiness as a tool for a revolution against capitalism; not the class struggle but women's happiness for real change. 

Sosteniamo VandA e l'editoria indipendente delle donne!

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), a genius of universal literature, wrote hundreds of poems, of which we know of 1786. Indifferent to fame, which did not match her greatness, she published almost nothing during her lifetime. With his life he revolutionised the sexual politics of his time. With his work he brought to poetry what had never before been said about sensitivity and free female pleasure, in which carnal and spiritual love are inseparable. Her life and her poetry depended on the love of her fellow student and later highly educated sister-in-law Susan H. Dickinson, whose house was separated only by a hedge, a path, a lava step and a half-open door.

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3 March 2023
Women and the left: a toxic love
Betrayed, abused, humiliated. And finally supplanted by self-identified neo-women who are far more attractive and functional than the 'old' women by birth. Yet many among us cannot break away from the progressives who show in every way that they do not consider them. The same dynamics of a sick relationship
All loves are born and die, and when they end there is always the one who suffers the most, sometimes only one party, the one who loved sincerely, the other perhaps not, perhaps he was lying. And we women believed in love with the left side seriously, with all our hearts: naively we thought we were the favourites, we believed in promises, even those that clearly appeared false. Carla Lonzi already reminded us half a century ago that the left had sold us 'to the hypothetical Revolution', and even overseas the [...]
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27 February 2023
PD primaries: transfeminist Elly Schlein wins
The young leader launches her OPA and wins it. By making the Democratic Party a woke formation, in line with western progressivism: di-rightism, free gender identity, uterus for rent, sex work. A challenge reminiscent of what is happening in Spain where radical feminism has divorced the Left
To begin with, congratulations to Elly Schlein and best wishes for her new post. Then the facts, as I see them. Elly Schlein's victory was a takeover of the PD: the vote in the gazebo, for the first time different from the one in the circles - also a historical novelty - shows that Schlein has mobilised the radical left to the limits of antagonism, as well as the 5 stars. She said it years ago: Occupy PD. Now she has done it. That she is supported by a major part [...].
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24 January 2023
Sex and gender: JK Rowling's essay
In her text, the writer explains in detail the reasons why she felt the need to address the trans issue, defying the violence of activists. A manifesto-writer for gender critical feminism translated into Italian by Alessandra Asteriti
Attacking JK Rowling can now also be a business. The latest initiative is that of a young Canadian imbecile art book creator who has decided to de-rowling Harry Potter by publishing a special edition of the saga on the cover of which the author's name disappears: $170 per copy for a despicable abuse of power. Let him keep all the copies in stock. Back to the serious stuff: in June 2020 JK Rowling published an essay on her website detailing her position [...].
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22 January 2023
Femelliste, a gender critical 'sister' platform is born in France
Harassed, insulted, mocked, threatened: French feminists have collected and catalogued the attacks transactivists have suffered for years. And they have set up an information and training site against the dictatorship of transgender ideology
The name of the site is a play on words that cannot be translated into Italian. The site's creators inform that it has already been used by animal feminists such as Posie Parker, Nicole Roelens and the Boucherie Abolition collective. It would make one think of anti-specism, it is actually more and in some respects a little different. 'Femelle' in French means the female animal (for the human one, the same word as woman, femme, is used). Since they fight for sexual rights [...]
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27 December 2022
The global abolition of sex
The law just passed in Scotland replacing sex with free choice of gender. The one being passed in Spain. And Germany's project. In her article in Newsweek, Kara Dansky also warns the United States about self-id. But from Great Britain, Sweden and Finland come signals in stark contrast: the game is still to be played.
22 December was a black day for gender critical feminism: in spite of lively protests outside Parliament, Scotland passed the law allowing gender self-identification or self-id -without exception for sex offenders who will be able to freely access women's spaces by identifying themselves as women. Also in Spain, the Ley Trans, which has a very similar structure, has passed the first step in the lower house and is on its way to final approval in the coming weeks [...].
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13 December 2022
The magic of JK Rowling! Who in trans-Scotland opens an anti-violence centre FOR ONLY WOMEN
In Edinburgh there was not a single anti-violence shelter that was not also accessible to men claiming to be women. And the main centre is run by a transsexual. Surprisingly, the writer founds and finances a space strictly for women only. Challenging Premier Nicola Sturgeon's transgender policies. And meeting the real needs of victims of violence
We have told you several times about JK Rowling's commitment to women's rights in Scotland, where Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is pushing for the passage of a law that would introduce a 'super self-ID' (see here), a very liberal gender identity. Last year, even before the bill was debated, the appointment of a transgender man, Mridul Wadhwa, as chief executive of Edinburgh's leading anti-violence shelter, which of course would also welcome men who 'identify as women' in what [...]
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