Ley Zan project: calling things by name
The true name of Zan's law project, blocked for one day in the Senate, must be called "Ley's project on gender self-certification" and not against homotransphobia. That was the real objective, self-identification, and that's why the law got tired. Sacrificing the legitimate protection of homosexual and transgender people to the arrogance of queer transactivism.

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A short commentary, tras archivivar ley Zan's project on homobi-transphobia, intended mainly for non-Italian friends and friends who can find our explanations; ya las Italians who still don't know what happened.

For more or less a year, Zan's law project against homobiotransphobia was approved in the House of Representatives in the middle of silence and general relaxation. At this moment, the means of communication were hidden in the complete debateWhile Covid in progress - in Italy the vacancy campaign has not yet started - catalyzed the attention of public opinion. The center-right voted unanimously in favor, something that was not repeated when the project went to the Senate for its definitive approval. What is certain is that the majority of the deputies and officials, as some of them later recognized (including Stefano Fassina), They didn't really understand what they were saying. Agreed by those who vote for a law against hate crimes against homosexuals and transsexuals, they do not understand that the true core of the law was gender identity, the first step in the direction of self-identification.

ANDn Italy there is a law in force, the 164/82, not much different from the English Gender Recognition Act, which regulates the path “sex change”, a path that ends with a judicial sentence. This letter has been updated over the years through a series of sentences: for example, No, surgical mutilation is necessary to obtain the sex change in the documents. However, it is still necessary to go through the entire process, with expert advice and a final ruling. What Ley Zan's project intended to introduce sub-reptically was gender self-certification or self-identification.

The deputies, we say, don't have it understood. Many citizens have not understood it yet. But radical feminists are here, as can be seen in the arriving photo, which has been around for more than a year. The game has been left behind, and very hard, above all in two fronts: 1. break the silence of the communication media 2. talk to the political center - the political sphere of the great mayor of our country - to introduce changes in the text of the legislative project.

The first objective is that we have achieved it in a certain way: with a lot of effort we have achieved “starting the day”, we have done a lot of work in the social circles, we have been supported in magazines, we have trudged through some passages on television, we have been shielded in the Senate. The second objective, discussed with the proposers, is that we have completely failed. Except for exceptions, Nadie asked us not to discuss with us, from the first signatory Alessandro Zan, to the secretaries of the political parties (PD, M5S, LeU), passing through the women of these parties.

An unbreakable wall, an absolute deafness, accompanied by a misogynistic contempt: I am a retrograde minority, I do not represent a nadie, etc.

Our objects were founded and reasonable: además del return to gender identity (art.1), let's look at that the law does not extend to misogynistic hatred -women are not a minority to protect the majority of humanity, and feminism never asked for such a law, above all misogynists concede it in favor of subrogated gestación and “sexual labor”. We demand that it Transactional propaganda must be maintained outside schools (art. 7) and freedom of expression is truly guaranteed (art. 4).

Included propusimos volver to one previous project (Scalfarotto-Annibali) which truly guaranteed the protection of homosexual and transsexual people.

Our arguments were retold and used by them left parties to the moderates: it was really surprising to listen to to conservative officials mention Judith Butler and transhumanism. But, as we have seen, they also have incursions with one small part of the story, who finally did not adopt the law's project, which care of the numbers necessary to follow closely in the Senate. This was our victory.

Let us be aware that a part of the same proponents would like to curb the law, which would appear to have opened up scenarios that are truly difficult to manage and justify before a public opinion that is mostly unfavorable to self-identification, but without knowing that the true objective of the project is ley was ese.

And it is a true estimate that homosexual and transsexual people do not achieve the protection they demand because of the arrogance of queer transactivism: they are the true homophobic and transphobic people.

For us and for everyone, a lesson: no surrender ever. Today we recommend it especially to our Spanish and German heralds who work against similar laws. We never thought we could do it, with our own hands, against one universal current in favor of the law's project, but let us not despair and achieve our objective, even with sadness. And above all, decide what these things are called by their name. We do not allow ourselves that one of our objectives is to introduce self-identification if present as anything else, masking the true objective behind the most reasonable and consensual proposals.

Once you mention the “gender identity”, look at your eyes and prepare for the game.

Marina Terragni (RadFem Italia, WHRC Italia)

translation Sara Punzo

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