29 December 2020

Why Italian feminism does not support the Zan law against homotransfobia

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We feminists take note that we have succeeded in bringing out that the expression 'gender identity' is not admissible, This is also demonstrated by the request of the Legislation Committee to the House Committee on Justice (which was ignored). We now expect the discussion in the Senate to go in the direction we have indicated: so replace the concept of 'gender identity' with a clearer and more unambiguous 'transsexuality'.
All over the world, 'gender identity' is branded as the a weapon against women. Gender identity is the place where the reality of bodies - especially female bodies - is made to disappear. 
It is the premise of self-determination without constraints in the choice of gender, it is being a woman available to all. 
It is the place where women born women have to call themselves 'menstruating people' or 'people with cervixes' because naming oneself as a woman is trans-exclusive. 
It is the reason why those who say that a woman is a female human adult are violently silenced, as has happened to many feminists: from Germaine Greer to Sylvane Agacinski, Julie Bindel, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and now J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, who was persecuted for calling herself a woman and refusing to accept the definition of a 'menstruating person'.
It is the place where political quotas for women are occupied by men who identify as women; of the funds earmarked for the protection of women, of affirmative action, of laws, of jobs for women enjoyed by men who identify as women. 
A large part of Italian feminism also understands thecornering the fight against misogyny in the context of homotransphobia as a bogus 'concession' to women to dilute and contain their objections.
Women are the majority of humanity, not one of the minorities in the Lgbtq+ world.This is the transfeminist minority perspective, not the feminist one.
Thinking of women as a shade of the Lgbtq+ rainbow is not acceptable and produces a dangerous symbolic disorder. The fight against misogyny needs a completely different path.
For these reasons, we will continue to demand that this bill, which is dangerous for women, be amended in the parliamentary debate as we have requested.
Otherwise we will not support this law in any way. 

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National Udi Naples 
Luna Rossa Collective
Freedomina Association , 
TerradiLei-Napoli Association
Women's Health Association
RadFem Italy
In Radice - for the Inviolability of the Female Body
If Not Now When Genoa
Women Together Association
Magdalen Berns lesbian association 
Association Trame

Pink Chain


Marina Terragni 
Monica Ricci Sargentini
Vittoria Tola
Anna Potito
Daniela Dioguardi
Elvira Reale
Stefania Cantatore
Gabriella Ferrari Bravo
Katia Ricci
Daniela Tuscano
Roberta Makeup
Eliana Bouchard
Raffaella MolenaTasset
 Milva Branchetti
Veronica Tamborini
Valeria Damiani
Cristina Gramolini
Rita Paltrinieri
Dina Speranza
Wilma Plevano
Paola Vitacolonna
Ester Ricciardelli
Simona Sorrentino
Giovanna Zappacosta
Laura De Barbieri
Rossana Casalegno, 
Rossana Ciambelli 
Maria Esposito Siotto
Ada Ferri 
Tiziana Giangrande
Gina Sphere
Anna Basevi
Carmen Manzo 
Grazia Fresu
Nataliena Piccoli
Cristina Favati

Lia Aurioso 

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