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In February 2020, before the great pandemic, we met in Naples, associations and individual Italian radical feminists. From that meeting came the text In Radice - Per l'Inviolabilità del Corpo femminile, which was later signed by many international groups including the American WoLF - Women's Liberation Front (USA), the English (and global) Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights, Women Speak Tasmania, We The Female (Quebec) and by individual feminists such as Meghan Murphy (Feminist Current), Jennifer Lahl (Stop Surrogacy Now), Sylviane Agacinski, Rachel Moran, founder of SPACE International -Survivors of Prostitution, Marie-Jo Bonnet and many others (all subscriptions below).

Here you can find the text translated into many languages.


Women are female human adults

- The subject of feminism is women

- We counteract the of male desire over the world- We reject the misogynistic use of the concept of genre

Only women can be mothers. Only women can be lesbians. No to the mystifications of transfeminism

- On the maternity the first and last word belongs to women

- We are against any reduction of the female body to a commoditytherefore

- We oppose theuterus for rent and the market for human gametes

- We oppose the surgical manipulation and pharmacologisation of the bodies of girls and boys behaviour that does not conform to gender stereotypes

- We fight against prostitution, trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children-i, and against the abuse of the female body to sell goods

- We reject the pseudo-right to sexual assistance

- We are in permanent mobilisation against feminicide and against male violence that produces a daily massacre from house to house and is a function of domination

We reject dominance as the regulating principle of human coexistence

- Violence is the poverty reduction of women, the difficulty of access to resources and paid work, the pay gap between women and men and the exploitation of unpaid domestic and care work

- Violence is theexclusion and marginalisation of women in the governance of human communities

- Motherhood and fatherhood have different material and symbolic premises. We oppose the ascientific devices and constructs (PAS and other formulas) used in court by fathers to take children away from their mothers.

- We denounce the inaction of the institutions on the cases of disappearance of womenincreasingly frequent in our country as well

- We fight for a new civilisation starting with symbolic female independenceby the free signification of sexual difference, of the relationship between mother and daughter-son as a model for every human relationship

- The inviolability of the female body is the first movement to the inviolability of the body of all living beings and of the Earth we live

(written by Marina Terragni)



Arcilesbica, Assoc. Salute donna, Protocollonapoli, Radfem Italia, Rua, Se non ora quando-Genova, Udi nazionale, Udi Napoli, Trame, Festival dell'Eccellenza al Femminile-Genova, Donne Insieme Arzano, Associazione Social Skills, Arcidonna Napoli, Catena Rosa, Udi Portici-San Giorgio-Ercolano, Donne in Quota, Comitato in difesa delle Vittime di Tratta e contro la cultura prosseneta, Associazione Magdalen Berns, Associazione socioculturale Liberarte, Rete Nazionale dei Collettivi Dipende da Noi Donne, Associazione per un Europa dei Popoli, Associazione Donne Insieme

Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights

WoLF- Women's Liberation Front (USA)

Women Speak Tasmania


Sara Punzo, Veronica Tamborini, Paola Maschio, Angela Tacchini, Caterina Arcidiacono, Antonella Bozzaotra, Gabriella Ferrari Bravo, Elvira Reale, Ester Ricciardelli, Stefania Cantatore, Monica Ricci Sargentini, Pia Marcolivio, Maria Laura Antonellini, Bianca Romano, Marina Terragni, Alessandra Bocchetti, Vittoria Tola, Angela Giuffrida, Luciana Percovich, Valeria Damiani, Daniela Dioguardi, Nadia Riva


Sylviane Agacinski, France

Jennifer Lahl (Stop Surrogacy Now) USA

Rachel Moran, founder of SPACE International -Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment and author of 'Rape for Pay' (Ireland)

Meghan Murphy, writer and journalist, founder of Feminist Currentprobably the most important gender critical feminist website (CANADA).

Marie Josèphe Devillers - co-chair of CQFD lesbiennes féministes, France

Marie-Jo Bonnet, historian, feminist and writer, one of the founders of the Mouvement de Libération des Femmes (MLF) and Ciams, Coalition Internationale pour l'Abolition de la Maternité de Substitution (Ciams).GPA), France

Mary Hickman (USA)

Laura Rivas Martínez (Spain)

Celia González Cortés (Spain)

Witchy XX (UK)

We The Female (Quebec)

Anna Masciovecchio (USA)

Megan Giacomelli (QUEBEC)

Yvonne Manly (USA)

Nicole Kailee Rose (USA)

Amalia Diaconeasa (USA)

C.T. Lark (USA)

Ira Ren (USA)

Belle Black (USA)

Ava McClatchey (USA)

Madison Match (USA)

Eva Bouw (USA)

Yolanda Garcìa Ares (Spain)

Rohini M

Johanna Pinkiewitz (Tasmania)

Paola Tavella, Eliana Bouchard, Sandra Bonfiglioli, Eloisa Dacquino, Mariella Pandolfi, Laura Valente, Clara Pappalardo, Paola Bassino Martinetto, Wilma Plevano, Consuelo Barillari, Rossana Casalegno, Maria Elena Muffato, Gianna Curti Clech, Daniela Caporale, Ada Ferri,Dina Speranza, Silvana Campese, Isabella Mele, Ebe Navarini, Pina Scognamiglio, Rosaria Guarino, Samantha Schloss, Paola Pagnini Ida Orlando, Cinzia Aruta, Fabiola Cerciello, Rosa Di Matteo, Samantha Schloss, Agnese Fiducia, Angela Di Luciano, Alessia Siniscalchi, Annamaria Raimondi, Maria Fusco, Vittoria Camboni, Giuliana Buffo, Giuliana Michelagnoli, Monica Asirelli, Giovanna Franchetti, Jeannette Migliorin, Claudia Castangia, Annamaria Visconti, Teresa Di Gennaro, Lina Noviello, Maria Saetta, Daniela Tuscano, Milva Branchetti Donatella Martini, Francesca Cirelli, Mariangela Cascone, Caterina Gatti, Izå Diana Ihnatiuc, Iaia de Marco, Mafalda Micillo, Tina Licciardiello, Enza Turco, Tina Quarto, Annalisa Cerchia, Daniela Loiacono, Antonella Cammardella, Eugenia Di Virgilio, Veronica Tamborini, Claudia Martelli, Vanessa Scifo, Anna Basevi, Rita Paltrinieri, Irene Starace, Sara Morace, Carla Longobardo, Martina Caselli, Enza Bellantuono, Miriam Capobianco, Francesca Traina, Betty Argenziano, Nadia Di Carlo, Sonia Wieland, Marcella Quaranta, Raffaella Molena Tassetto, Lia Aurioso, Arianna Di Vitto, Antonia Romano, Pasqua Teora, Maria Luigia Gandolfi, Marilena Zirotti, Stella Zaltieri, Giacomo Vitali, Dina Speranza, Anna Nestucci, Stefania Maggio, Rossella Marchesini, Patrizia Dionigi


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Canadian nurse Amy Hamm - one of the founders of the non-profit coalition Canadian Women Sex Based Rights (caWsbar) - works in an acute psychiatric ward specialising in mental health and substance use. Amy risks losing her nursing licence and her job because she allegedly promoted women's sex-based rights and child protection online. In recent years, Amy has been the subject of an investigation by the British Columbia College of Nurses & Midwives [...]
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The book "Telling sexual harassment. An empirical investigation' edited by Chiara Volpato (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2023) stems from the need expressed by many female students at the University of Milan-Bicocca to thoroughly investigate the phenomenon of sexual harassment. Chiara Volpato, lecturer in Social Psychology at the aforementioned university, enthusiastically accepted the proposal. The research team prepared a questionnaire that was distributed within the University and the first data that emerged was the very high and unexpected number of women [...].
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4 June 2023
CIAMS, STOP SURROGACY NOW, FINRRAGE, LA JAPAN COALITION and other associations. And together with them such eminent figures of international feminism as SYLVIANE AGACINSKI, GENA COREA and PHYLLIS CHESLER. Who together with us are asking the Italian parliamentarians to approve the law that will pass the Chamber of Deputies on 19 June.
Rete per l'Inviolabilità del Corpo Femminile (Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body), Radfem Italia, and FINAARGIT (International Feminist Network Against Artificial Reproduction, Gender Ideology and Transhumanism) have always shared the goal of the universal abolition of the surrogate motherhood. Together we support the bill on surrogacy that will be debated in the Chamber of Deputies next 19 June, which extends the punishability of the practice even if it is carried out in a foreign country and which is a decisive step forward in the direction of universal abolition, offering -if approved- a model for other legislations [...].
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Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? For a RadFem economic theory, speech by Sheila Jeffreys
The traditional economy based on the 'rational' homo oeconomicus never takes into account the base of the iceberg: the huge amount of unpaid female labour without which the system simply would not stand. The necessary change does not come from the inclusion of more women in a model that is based on aggression, gambling and risk, but from a new paradigm that places the value of people, relationships and care at the centre
At a recent seminar organised by Women's Declaration International as part of its Radical Feminist Perspectives series, Sheila Jeffreys -former professor of political science at the University of Melbourne and one of the founders of the global WDI network- gave a talk on Rad Fem Economic Theory (the entire meeting can be viewed here). Jeffrey started from a text she wrote in 2010, on the heels of the global financial crisis. It was called 'Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner', whose thought completely omitted the [...]
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The open letter of 'one hundred feminists' to the PD secretary is based on false hopes: Elly Schlein will not change her positions on the uterus for rent. Nor on the other issues of the transhuman umbrella that the letter does not mention - starting with free gender identity - and that structure her Zan-transfeminist political identity. Is it worth adopting a begging posture?
We hope that the 'hundred feminists' who have written to Elly Schlein - and with a good part of whom we are in constant political contact - will be better off than us, who as the Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body during the primaries had asked for a meeting with the future secretary: not even a hint of a reply. Nor did we expect it, despite the long-standing acquaintance of some of us with her. We did not join the appeal of the 'hundred feminists' who intend to confront Schlein on motherhood [...].
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All loves are born and die, and when they end there is always the one who suffers the most, sometimes only one party, the one who loved sincerely, the other perhaps not, perhaps he was lying. And we women believed in love with the left side seriously, with all our hearts: naively we thought we were the favourites, we believed in promises, even those that clearly appeared false. Carla Lonzi already reminded us half a century ago that the left had sold us 'to the hypothetical Revolution', and even overseas the [...]
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