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The Council of Ministers and the executive itself are currently discussing the measures to be included in the Government's PNRR, investments that make the most of the Recovery fund European.

There is a document in circulation with the title “Women for salvation – Half of it” which will be made public in the next few hours and officially delivered to the Government, the result of the discussion between institutional personalities, associations, experts from the economic and statistical world, managers, professionals.

The objective is to obtain adequate resources to free up female employment, both through European resources and through a reorganization of national spending, creating new social infrastructures and a true care economy, indicating long-term measures and immediate reforms that respond to the emergency demand for services from Italian families.

Concrete ideas also on employment, training, gender stereotypes, equality bodies.

The Women for Salvation Manifesto, which is inspired by Half of it campaign at a European level, it enters the heart of the dialectic with national and European institutions. This is why we ask:

– one gender assessment ex ante and ex post of all the measures and investments that will be envisaged by the Italian PNRR, under the direction of experts at the MEF;

– that the Government, on the basis of the European guidelines for the implementation of the Plan, presents to Parliament a governance model that identifies the responsibility for the implementation of the plan, ensuring the 50% of the presence of women, ensuring coordination with the competent Ministries at national level and other levels of government, monitoring the progress of spending; 

–  60% coverage of children aged 0-3 years in public nurseries, fundamental educational choice of nursery school and investment in education, with an allocation of 8 billion euros and implementation of the same within 5 years

- the creation local healthcare and assistance for the elderly, disabled and non-self-sufficient, with an additional figure of at least 4 billion euros, which is not distracted from the healthcare already provided; the creation of healthcare infrastructures must be achieved within 5 years;

– a strong investment in the territories above counseling centers and anti-violence centers;

– a cashback on care and assistance services immediate and transitory for Italian families. This cashback will be financed through the allocation of 1.2 billion per year for 5 years, a figure that will gradually decrease thanks to the emergence of undeclared work linked to care and assistance and will run out when the creation of public services of care and proximity will be completed. The cashback on care and assistance services will have to borrow the French experience of universal CESU vouchers;

– an extraordinary one recruitment campaign in public services, great employment opportunities for women and young people, opportunity for renewal of skills in the scholastic, assistance, healthcare, research and culture sectors; recruitment notices ensure specific training for staff in digitalisation and technology, to overcome any initial gaps;

– a significant strengthening of the female presence where it is most lacking and a strong support for entrepreneurship' female, with support and training of the owners of new female businesses in the first three years of activity;

– one evaluation for one significant reduction in social security contributions for self-employed women (total and partial autonomous), which is compatible with public spending and deficit needs; recognition of the right to maternity and sick leave for all autonomous professional categories, both professional and non-professional;

– the activation of policies for sharing care work and parenting, through global interventions, extending paternity leave and placing the advance of the compulsory maternity allowance at the expense of INPS, thus solving the liquidity problem of small and medium-sized Italian companies, also placing the 100% of compulsory maternity allowance paid by general taxation;

– that schools, in all educational sectors, are organized according to the model of full time throughout the national territory; that the hours of civic education in schools are expanded, with particular attention to the values of equality and inclusiveness included in the Italian Constitution, which help to reduce bullying, violence, discrimination based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We ask that during the same hours training sessions on financial education be dedicated to male and female students;

- That the State significantly reduces university fees for female students who choose scientific and technical subjects, also encouraging and reducing taxes for attending ITS, which often open up immediate and spendable job opportunities; we also ask for the introduction of gender quotas (50%) in university entrance tests for STEM subjects;

– active employment policies take into account new digital tools and increasingly encourage orientation and training of women even remotely, offering new opportunities for employment and the acquisition of technical-scientific skills or direction towards the professionalization of care and assistance work, skills that will be increasingly needed in the future;

- L'update of the Equal Opportunities Code with the definition of clear parameters of respect for equal pay and equal opportunities in the workplace, with a rewarding mechanism for employers who respect these principles through significant contribution and/or tax relief;

– a updating of equality bodies existing in our country, stuck thirty years ago, evaluating which tools have stood out for their effectiveness in the fight against gender discrimination; we also ask for a feasibility study on the simplification of the currently existing bodies, evaluating the possible creation of an equal body independent from political power, with sanctioning capacity, external or internal to the Antitrust;

introduction of gender procurement for all contracts relating to the Recovery Fund, with scores that reward companies that put gender equality into practice; use of the Destined Heritage funds (€44 billion) managed by CDP with criteria that require the companies receiving the investments to commit to gender equality in the company, with specific milestones for improving gender balance in managerial and supervisory positions elimination of the gender pay gap;

In these hours they have already joined the programmatic manifesto Women for salvation - Half of it:

Le Contemporanee – Network for equality – DiRe (Women online against violence) – Il Giusto Mezzo – Soroptimist International Italia – Bellisario Foundation – Give us a voice – Out of quota – GammaDonna – Community Women 4.0 – EWA – Differenza Donna – If Not Now When Free – Hating costs you – Tlon – Base Italia – M&M “Ideas for a better country” – CeRM Foundation – Movimenta – CGIL gender policies – UIL coordination of equal opportunities

for memberships: lecontemporanee@gmail.com

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