8 May – III March for the abolition of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles
The third edition of the March organized by Mujeres por la Abolición together with around a hundred Spanish feminist groups and 12 nationalities will be held today - in virtual form. From 4pm live on Instagram by @radfem_italia

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More than 90 feminist organizations from Spain and 12 countries have co-organized the III Abolitionist March which will take place this Saturday 8 May. It has been promoted and organized since 2019 by Women for Abolition -Women for Abolition-, asks theabolition of prostitution, pornography and reproductive exploitation (womb for rent). The first edition took place in person, in the neighborhoods most affected by prostitution Barcelona, with the collaboration of the French companions and the survivor Rosen Hicher. A historic day that opened a breach in Spain. There were tensions with women prostitutes protesting on behalf of pimps and with militants in favor of regulating prostitution throwing colored powder as the march passed through the most conflicted area (as it turns out, you pay to do it). But there was also the gratitude of the citizens. The national press, including the main television channels, agencies and newspapers, widely reported the initiative.

The Second Abolitionist March was to be held in the streets of Madrid on May 9, 2020, but it had to take place virtually due to the pandemic. Despite this it has achieved unexpected international participation in social networks. This second edition ended with a final congressand which took place in September in virtual mode. Among the speakers there were prominent names such as Julie Bindel, Gail Dines, Janice Raymond, Ingeborg Kraus, Renate Klein, Raquel Rosario Sánchez and Alika Kinan. On that occasion a meeting was also held debate on gender abolition and work, created with the collaboration of 29 Spanish and international feminist organizations. In conclusion, the reading was given Manifest which collected thousands of signatures in support.

The third march, this Saturday, May 8, will have the same virtual format and hopefully it will have an even greater international projection. The distance traveled by the III March will be calculated by attributing one kilometer of road for each interaction on social networks. Also in September this year a Congress will take place with speakers from radical feminism.


“Women for Abolition (Women for Abolition) is a non-partisan collective of women from across Spain
We are abolitionists of prostitution, wombs for rent, pornography and gender. By organizing conferences and via our social networks, we explain the need for eradicate these patriarchal institutions and practices.
Supported by other collectives, we gave life to the First Abolitionist March of prostitution and rented wombs in Spain. We will continue to promote these types of demonstrations in the streets (when COVID restrictions allow) and on social media with the aim of achieve the adoption of abolitionist legislation that protects and guarantees women's rights.
We spread feminist theory with the goal that our genealogy will be recognized and create social awareness about the sexual oppression of women and girls around the world.
Women for Abolition was born in September 2018. We currently have one virtual community of 30,000 people in the following social networks:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MAbolicion
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MAbolicion
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mabolicion
Web: https://mujeresporlaabolicion.org/

III Abolitionist March 8 May 2021

MANIFEST (in original version here )

III March Abolitionist of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles.

Women for Abolition launches an appeal to the feminist movement and to civil and women's human rights organizations to adhere to this Manifesto and participate in the actions.
All this, based on the following complaints:

– Prostitution is a form of extreme violence against women and girls
, as well as representing an international billion-dollar turnover (in Spain alone it creates profits of over 5 million euros a day) which transforms women into commodities, through the sexual domination of men over women.
Therefore prostitution is obviously a patriarchal institution, a practice that violates human rights, reifies and commodifies women's bodies.
The abolition of prostitution is achieved withelimination of the question and resolution of what causes it, i.e. sexual inequality.
The criminals of the prostitution industry, the pimps and whoremongers, must be prosecuted by law.

We fight so that the law considers prostituted women as victims who must be provided with the comprehensive aid essential to regain freedom.

– The pornography, being filmed prostitution, fits and grows in the same moral, economic and social framework as the latter:
Pornography not only feeds on the patriarchal relationship of domination/submission, but is its essential condition, without which its construction would not currently be possible.
Pornography “is real” because its consequences are real, therefore accepting the violence inherent in pornography means opening a door to the acceptance of misogyny in all aspects of women's lives, of
consequence to normalization of sexual violence.
In Spain there are very few tools to report the violence of which women are victims in the world of pornography, because the porn prostitution industry escapes the law which is not interested in it (the consumption of pornographic material is neither regulated nor punished), leaving women helpless.
For all these reasons we demand a abolitionist law of the prostitution system that considers pornography as another aspect of it, fight both and ensure that criminals are punished and that female victims are protected.

– A Another aspect of patriarchal domination is the appropriation of women's reproductive capacityAnd:
A biological capacity cannot be transferred to third parties because it does not exist without the woman in her entirety.
Maternity is a biological fact whose physical and emotional implications cannot be made the subject of a contract.
The use of women for reproductive exploitation (sadly known as uterus for rent) is not a technique; we women are not a useful instrument for the realization of other people's desires to have descendants who
share their genetics.
̚We also know that the only interest of those who defend the "altruistic" regulation is the facilitation of the commercial registration of girls and boys born abroad.
It makes no legal or moral sense that reproductive exploitation is prohibited in Spain and at the same time the purchase of newborns in other countries is encouraged, allowing to “legalize” the situation of a child who is a product of the crime of human trafficking.
One is needed global prohibition of this practice and greater involvement of international and supranational bodies in defense of the human rights of women, girls and boys.

In the end we oppose transactivism and its essentialization of sexual roles.
The attempts to justify and naturalize the situation of subordination that we women suffer are nothing more than yet another social tool of the patriarchy to subjugate us: sexual roles.
Gender is the educational tool that is used to perpetuate and support patriarchy, through roles differentiated by sex.
As radical feminists We CANNOT conceive of sexual oppression being conceptualized as something of identity (We do NOT believe in the concept of "gender identity" nor do we support the medical-pharmaceutical industry that revolves around the idea that sexual roles are something innate).

– With these objectives we therefore convene the III ABOLITIONIST MARCH of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation and sexual roles, online, 8 May 2021 and we expect this action to have international resonance.
We invite you to sign this manifesto and help us spread it, as this is a fight that needs all our support. You can sign it here:

8 May >> III MARK for the abolition of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles

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