Vancouver: violent trans squads against a gender-critical pacifist VIDEO

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For those who don't believe in the violence of queer transactivists: in this video The brutal trans-squad assault on Christophe Elston, a Vancouver man (Canada) for some time targeted by the TRA for her support of JK Rowling and her fight against puberty blockers in girls and boys.

A poster created and posted by Elston, simply with the writing “I love JK Rowlings”, was vandalized and immediately covered up by the municipality of Vancouver's poster workers because it was considered seriously offensive towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Elston, who practices his activism simply speaking peacefully with people on the street, he was also arrested by the Canadian police.

Here Elston, father of two little girls, demonstrating against the administration of hormone blockers to children.

Solidarity and closeness as sisters to Christophe Elston, who is violently prevented from expressing his loving thoughts towards women and children. Hoping that Vancouver's law enforcement will prosecute its fascist attackers and return to guarantee the right to speak and opinion.

Marina Terragni

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