9 March 2021

I'm trans, I live in the UK and I'm fine: how the US media misrepresents reality

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Being against trans ideology does not at all mean hating trans people or being trans exclusionary, as queers shout. Far from it. Like women, transgender people also do not benefit from trans-ideology. The columnist explains this very well and definitively Debbie Hayton. Who - incidentally - is trans.

Readers of the New York Times may wonder how trans people survive in the UK.. On the other side of the Atlantic, the newspaper talks about a hostile climate in which both the left and the right try to trap us.

Last Friday, the NYT published an interview with British transgender cabaret performers Jen Ives and Bethany Black. The piece explains how, although their lives are not exactly a bed of roses, they manage to laugh at the world. At the heart of the story is the prejudice that for transgender people in Britain life is a daily struggle.

I don't think this is true, and I say this as a transgender person. on this side of the pond. I show myself in public - I am a teacher - and my life experiences do not seem any different from those of my colleagues. My pupils and their parents seem to care much less that I am trans than that I know my subject and can teach well. Were these not the goals that transgender people set out to achieve?

But our American observers fail to distinguish between transgender people and transgender ideology, which consists of the belief that humanity is divided not by biological facts but by feelings in our heads. The battle cry seems to be 'trans women are women'. They confuse dissent from the ideology with transphobia, i.e. hatred of trans people.

After perpetuating the myth that JK Rowling is transphobic just for defending women's gender-based rights, the NYT also stated that feminists who do not accept me as a woman are questioning my very humanity.

This is a bold statement. Not only false - even the most determined feminist activist seems happy that I am a human being - but also unnecessary, particularly for transgender people themselves. Gender reassignment, whether social or medical, can alleviate psychological distress but does not change our sex.

The NYT however, makes a valid point. Unlike in the United States, where the response to transgender ideology is divided into political camps, In Great Britain, both left-wing and right-wing voices have publicly spoken out against the idea that anyone who feels or thinks they are a woman can be a woman.

In the bizarre world of American politics, where liberals seem determined to grant biological males the right to access spaces and places designated for women, the defence of women's rights is left to conservatives, including former President Trump.

Perhaps we have some difficulty in understanding US policy, but the NYT certainly misunderstands ours. When voices across the political spectrum defend women's rights, they are not erasing trans people. They are simply pointing out what we all know to be true: biological sex is real. It is vital for women - if we ignore sex we ignore sexism - but it is also vital for trans people. If our rights are based on reality, we can live with confidence in society.

Debbie Hayton

(translation by Marina Terragni, original article here)

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