20 January 2021

"You are like crocodiles': a mother's letter to a 'gender' association

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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, must have been a great disappointment for the ARFs, adepts-propagandists of the transcult. Respectfully raised by her parents as John and dressed in men's clothes as per her specific request, at the age of 14 John Shiloh is back and runs around with her sisters hunting for girls' clothes. To Shiloh no puberty blockers or hormones were administered. She was simply left free to choose jackets, ties, short hair and a masculine name. And now she's just as free to show off perfectly conforming, following the natural fluidity of childhood-adolescence. If Shiloh had been hormonised, this naturalness would have been hampered and today she might be a little girl with a beard and a male voice. The ARF have lost a perfect icon. We have conquered it those of us who fight for the free signification of all existence, away from gender stereotypes and destruction med of healthy bodies. The following story tells this struggle.

Lucia (fictitious name) is mother of a dysphoric girl. For a couple of years the girl has been saying she wants to be a man. Lucia respects her, calls her daughter by the male name she has chosen, but now the girl is asking to take puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Lucia is very afraid of the finality of this choice and will not sign the consent. She approached an association that deals with transgender people for guidance and help. We publish the exchange here. Disconcerting. (At Lucia's request we will not publish the name of the association).

"Good morning, I have been living in this nightmare for 2 and a half years. My daughter, who has always been very feminine in everything, after spending 6 months crying which we explained by a bad school performance, she told us she wanted to become a man. I was shocked and after 1.5 years of therapy, we found out that she had been abused by her best friend. Then, once they broke up, she had a lesbian relationship with a friend (we are talking about 12-year-old girls) and as a result of this, bullied heavily at school. Now, sI'm looking for information on how to deal with it. We accepted the new name, the new clothes right away... but I can't accept the idea of giving blockers and testosterone. I know what happened to my daughter. I am certain that in her case the problem is social. She has nothing to do with masculinity. She hates her physique, she hates her self and her past. But of course she doesn't want to hear it, so I keep quiet, but it won't be me who signs those papers. I will be close to her at that moment, but with death in my heart. I need to try to understand how I can move forward, to share my experience with other parents in Italy. My son is obviously waging war against me.... who can help me? Thank you for your attention.


Association response

Not me, ma'am. I deal with media representation, you have the wrong site. I may be brutal, but I don't think there is any help for those who think they know who they are instead of someone else. You are megalomaniac and selfish and ready to drive your children to suicide. because you would never take hormones and blockers and project your own fears. Your child is not you. You are two different people. The blockers are a compromise because otherwise those who are sure could take hormones right away. Anyway in Italy they don't give them if a person isn't suicidal thanks to a backward and ignorant society that believes in anti-gender fairy tales and forces professionals to be hyper cautious. I don't know for sure if your son is a man, a woman or a non-binary person, only he will be able to tell day after day. I do know that he deserves respect and can make mistakes and it is not a tragedy to make mistakes alone because he starts to take responsibility for what he does and wants. Preventing someone from making a mistake means not letting them feel their trust and support. He is fooling him, deluding him into supporting him with his name and then denying him his needs and talking about it to an unknown person but not to him who is the one directly concerned. This stupid attitude is called betraying her trust. All I know is that you are afraid and this fear is a terrible misfortune for your son. because it will prevent him from having her support, whoever he is, and it will lead to her listening to anyone who tells her what she wants to hear, which is that she is not trans. 

See you again, I hope. 

Lucia's reply

"You are like crocodiles waiting for a wounded young prey to pass you by.

They are often little girls, lonely girls, whose lives have already been very violent: beaten at school, abused by their friends, crushed by an authority that finds no other way to make them respect themselves, teased by their friends out of jealousy or more simply because they are different. So, to these girls who would like to disappear, who they hate each other because the world has hated and unprotected them because of their gender, you propose a solution: a colourful family and the chance to start afresh, another name so as not to be reminded of the humiliation suffered by the previous one and the chance to wear the mighty male armour. To put them on an equal footing with those of whom they have been afraid and of whom their peers have so much respect.

Sure in return there is breast and vagina mutilation and eternal medicalisation. With some small, devastating side effects. But you know, look at these beautiful young youtubers. It's all safe, they're living a very normal life. And of course you warn them well: if anyone tries to question your decision, take them off the air. Trauma cannot be discussed because that is American 'reparative therapy'.. No, that's not it, that's what the psychologist does, that's his job, he works on traumas. But no, of course, that's a sin.

And so cut off psychologists, family, close friends. Because if anyone dares to ask, if anyone dares to go into depth to understand why from one day to the next a girl denies her entire past and invents a new one to be able to justify such a sudden change, that person is transphobic. Oh, and if anyone dares to misspell a pronoun or mention the "dead name'....death it is, ostracism. And so there they are all there for you, fawning, believing only what you say and all those youtubers showing a smooth transition. Come on, get on the bandwagon too.

And so you have destroyed them completely, they will remain tied to you for years and years. Then someone wakes up, has the courage to make the detransition. Then you humiliate them, you shut them up, you say they don't exist. They were not really trans. Some despair, some take their responsibility with dignity. Others denounce you. Others don't have the courage and will be stuck with you forever because that's how brainwashing works. Others of course are really trans. And that small percentage will benefit from LGBT struggles. But all the others? 

I'm sure she's not a mother... because that no mother would have given such a bad answer. I am sure that if he shows my e-mail to a mother in your association he will not share the words she wrote. But her anger and nastiness was there, she could not share it with others. She had to humiliate me. Because it's true, I can't be sure that my daughter isn't really trans. But are you 100% sure that blockers do not hurt? Do not block also the development of the brain, making vain the wait of the 18 years to have in front of us an older daughter more aware: we will have in front of us a 15 years old girl with the age to self-determine, who refused a psychological therapy because her "new family" told her that it is enough to "think" to be a man and she is a man... and the damage is done. Testosterone, irreversible damage... and a life definitively marked.

To me this reminds me of a sect, a religious sect.

Until we meet again, for sure


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