Priorities for Jo Biden and Kamala Harris: after males in women's sports, here are non-binary pronouns

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After the executive order on “combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation” which allows transgender athletes to participate in the women's sports and puts at risk the spaces reserved for women such as bathrooms, changing rooms, dormitories, the new American president Joe Biden has ordered update the White House website according to the dictates of the LGBTQ agenda.

Now every citizen, when filling out the contact form, can select your reference pronoun: in addition to the traditional “he/him” and “she/her” (he-she) you can choose “they/them” (they-them) which is considered by enthusiasts of inclusive language to be gender-neutral and not plural as required by grammar (here the tweet).

Also the Mx option has been added to the prefixes Mr, Mrs, Ms which allows the gender of the writer not to be identified. This terminology describes individuals non-binary, who feel neither man nor woman.

Certainly not a crucial issue in a country plagued by the pandemic, racial divisions and increasing unemployment. Nevertheless gender identity seems to be an indispensable priority for the Biden-Harris presidency.

Elena Bandiera

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