Prada fires the Chinese spokesperson: she abandoned "her" two children born from a rented womb

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BBC reports the case of Zheng Shuang, Chinese actress fired from Prada because she was found guilty of having two children through the practice of renting a womb and subsequently abandoning them. Calls to exclude her from the world of entertainment are raging on social media. 

An exemplary event because it demonstrates how the so-called surrogate motherhood is only children's market, underlines the absolute power of the clients over pregnant women and unborn children - sanctioned by a contract - as well as testifying to the opposition to the practice of the vast majority of public opinion, in China and around the world, dissent normally obscured by the media system.

The case broke out after a few days ago the actress' ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, revealed on the Chinese social network Weibo that he was stuck in the United States to take care of "two innocent young lives". According to local media, Zhang Heng would be unable to leave the United States because he does not have the actress' signed consent which would allow him to take the children with him to China.

The online appearance of birth certificates of two children born in America at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 by two different women – registered as Zheng's children – has fueled speculation about the actress and her ex's use of surrogacy which is illegal in China (which does not prevent a thriving black market). There is also an audio from some time ago circulating on the web in which the actress, presumably talking to a family member, he regretted the fact that it was no longer possible to terminate the pregnancies as the two surrogate mothers were already beyond the 7th month of pregnancy. 

A few days ago the actress declared in a statement that the recording is a fragment of a much longer conversation, therefore what was reported in the press did not correspond exactly to what she intended to say. In any case, the woman declared that she does not intend to back away from what she said. 

Following the outrage aroused on Chinese social media by the affair, the Prada brand – which had recently introduced Zheng Shuang as its new face in China – announced on Weibo that it would severed all relations with the actress. Many online users define the woman as a cruel mother and they ask that she be permanently removed from the world of entertainment. For Zheng Shuang it could become difficult to find work even in his own country. Chinese radio and TV have already banned it.

Angela Turkeys

here is the article from BBC


In the context of European Parliament resolution of 20 January 2021 on human rights and democracy in the world and on the European Union's policy on the matter, a was presented amendment ‒ bipartisan, transversal and signed by several MEPs from different countries ‒ which aimed to safeguard the dignity of every human being against the aberrant and humiliating practice of so-called "surrogate motherhood".

The initiative aimed to declare the rented womb a universal crime which compromises the physical integrity of women and the rights of the child, increasing the commercial exploitation of women's bodies and reducing the person to a commodity“. The amendment was rejected with 429 no, 142 yes and 87 abstentions

The European Parliament therefore appears completely indifferent to the issue of the child market and the exploitation of women.

The following spoke in favor of the amendment: Simona Baldassarre, Adinolfi, Anderson, Androuët, Bardella, Basso, Bay, Beck, Beigneux, Berg, Bilde, Bizzotto, Blaško, Bonfrisco, Borchia, Bruna, Buchheit, Campomenosi, Casanova, Ceccardi, Ciocca, Collard, Conte, Da Re, Donato, Dreosto, Fest, Gancia, Garraud, de Graaff, Grant, Griset, Haider, Jalkh, Jamet, Joron, Juvin, Krah, Kuhs, Lancini, Laporte, Lebreton, Limmer, Lizzi, Madison, Mariani, Mayer, Mélin, Olivier, Panza, Pirbakas, Regimenti, Reil, Rinaldi, Rivière, Rougé, Sardone, Sofo, Tardino, Tovaglieri, Vilimsky, Vuolo, Zambelli, Zanni, Zimniok, Buschmann, Caroppo, Furore, Gyöngyösi, Konstantinou, Lagos, Pignedoli, Rondinelli, Sinčić, Uhrík, Zullo, Berlato, Bielan, Brudziński, Buxadé Villalba, Czarnecki, de la Pisa Carrión, Dzhambazki, Fidanza, Fiocchi, Fitto, Fotyga, Jurgiel, Karski, Kempa, Kloc, Kopcińska, Kruk, Kuźmiuk, Legutko, Mazurek, Melbārde, Możdżanowska, Poręba, Procaccini, Rafalska, Ruissen, Rzońca, Saryusz-Wolski, Slabakov, Stancanelli, Szydło, Tarczyński, Terheş, Tertsch, Tobiszowski, Waszczykowski, Wiśniewska, ska, Zīle, Złotowski, Bellamy, Hölvényi, Juknevičienė, Novak, Pollák, Pospíšil, Ressler, Salini, Šojdrová, Tomc, Virkkunen, Zdechovský, Zver, Danti, Nart, Šimečka, Bergkvist, Chinnici, Danielsson, Fritzon, Gualmini, Guteland, Incir, Roberti, Toia, Maurel.

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