9 March 2021

The scandalous transfeminist 8th of March: out with the prostitution system from feminism! Non Una di Meno gets rid of parasites and exploiters. Or the girls free themselves from Non Una di Meno

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Yesterday in Florence during the 8 March demonstration some young radical feminists protesting against the prostitution system and in favour of the Nordic abolitionist model were attacked by a group of Non Una di Meno activists who tore down their placards.

Lo scandaloso 8 marzo transfemminista: fuori il sistema prostituente dal femminismo! Non Una di Meno si liberi da parassiti e sfruttatori. O le ragazze si liberino da Non Una di Meno

Also a man in the commando who had spoken at the event (see here) and that the girls point to this person.

Lo scandaloso 8 marzo transfemminista: fuori il sistema prostituente dal femminismo! Non Una di Meno si liberi da parassiti e sfruttatori. O le ragazze si liberino da Non Una di Meno

Non una di meno is invaded by men who carry out their interests as prostitutes and prostitutors. Nudm has long been calling for the abolition of the Merlin law and the decriminalisation of the crime of exploitation, but most of the girls who sincerely join this movement are unaware of this.

The International House of Women in Rome also militates against abolitionism and for the regularisation of the paid rape that is prostitution. Here too, many women, even among the founding pioneers, are unaware of what is happening or pretend not to know, leaving the reins to the 'transfeminists' of Non Una di Meno.

Lo scandaloso 8 marzo transfemminista: fuori il sistema prostituente dal femminismo! Non Una di Meno si liberi da parassiti e sfruttatori. O le ragazze si liberino da Non Una di Meno

This is not feminism. It is very difficult to explain to the feminists of the rest of the world that Nudm-Italy is invaded by men who defend prostitution, ideal allies of the right-wing misogynists who demand its regularisation for the benefit of the exploiters and those torturers of women known as clients. Nudm's young activists should become aware of the problem and expel these parasites from their ranks once and for all, or their feminism will be less and less credible.

Here, 8 March 2019 in Milan, see transvestite Efe Bal testimonial of free 'sex work' at the Non Una di Meno event for high school girls, 14-19 years old.

Lo scandaloso 8 marzo transfemminista: fuori il sistema prostituente dal femminismo! Non Una di Meno si liberi da parassiti e sfruttatori. O le ragazze si liberino da Non Una di Meno

Unfortunately, transfeminism is very aggressive and sets the standard: yesterday there were similar incidents in France. In demonstrations in Tours, Montpellier, Paris, prostitution survivors and abolitionist feminists were silenced, intimidated, insulted, threatened, assaulted and their placards were torn down.

Here a French activist tells of the attacks on Julie Bindel.

Even in Barcelona radical feminists were attacked by transfeminist libfems in defence of free 'sex work'.

Prostitutors are polluting feminism throughout Europe. Women and girls must get rid of them and transfeminism.

Lo scandaloso 8 marzo transfemminista: fuori il sistema prostituente dal femminismo! Non Una di Meno si liberi da parassiti e sfruttatori. O le ragazze si liberino da Non Una di Meno

The editorial staff of Feminist Post

Update 10 March 2021:

Here is the delusional claim of the Florence attack. Girls please realise how you are being used

The Magnificent Occupied Women's House tfq

23 h  - SEBBEN THAT WE ARE WOMEN'S FAGS WE TAKE THE 8 March is a transfeminist day of struggle against male violence against women. It is a day of struggle, of celebration among ourselves, but also of rage thinking of those who cannot be in the squares with us because of male violence. On 8 March, we also take to the streets as magni*ficent women, alongside nudm, as women, as women's* homes, but also as queers, as transfeminists. But we also take to the streets with a member of our assembly who wants to speak out about the facts mystified by three people we are not ashamed to call fascists. Because in our assembly there are also compagnx sex workers. During the demonstration in the square, a sign appeared by three people with the words 'prostitution = paid rape', which aroused the anger of some sex workers present in the square. Since 8 March is a trans-feminist square for us, it is clear that that sign in the square should not be there. Although two fellow sex workers tried to attempt to achieve through dialogue the removal of the sign, it was not possible because of these figures. We therefore chose to tear down the sign, reiterating that we hold dialogue up to a certain point. These people are now boasting of aggression, an attack on freedom of opinion, they even accuse the comrades of nonunadimeno florence of fascism. Well let us make it clear from the outset that freedom of opinion is not the freedom to spread stigmatising and fascist rubbish. As sex workers we do not feel raped, we feel self-determined. Self-determined as sex workers to fight trafficking as well as the whole capitalist system. Waged labour is always exploitation. But how we sell our bodies, whether in a form of precariousness for life, 8 hours in a factory for 6 euros an hour, or selling sexual services, is something we decide with our bodies and no one else. For us, 8 March is also significant for speaking out. Taking the floor of women*, lgbtqia+ people and even us whores. That people who are not sex workers claim the right to say what sex work is in the public square calling us unwitting victims, people raped for pay and other nonsense we do not accept. Prostitution is not trafficking and trafficking is not prostitution. That these subjects accuse fellow sex workers and nonsex workers of violent assault is shameful.Violent is speaking for us, is stigmatising us, is wanting to criminalise us. Violent is to insult in a transphobic way dellx compagnx, to shout that we are friends of rapists and pimps. Violent is to call us servants of the patriarchy as sex workers. We are whores and in our being we politically claim a fight for freedom and safety to be whores. We fight against trafficking and celebrate with every dead pimp, while those who scream to legalise the Nordic model of criminalising clients are the ones pushing to make us less safe and risk our skins even more. We are not unconscious victims of a system, we are feminist and self-determined sex workers, well aware that we hate wage labour in all its forms, but equally aware that the problem is capitalism, and that as long as it exists, at least the price at which we sell our bodies we want to decide!Let us speak out against these vile transphobic fascists and swerfs (sex workers excludent 'radical feminists'), reaffirming that we are anti-fascist, anti-transphobic and transpheminist whores, and let us send all accusations back to the sender. Yesterday's square was transfeminist and reaffirmed it by rejoicing at the destruction of that infamous sign! Whoever excludes trans identities, whoever attacks lx sex workers IS NOT FEMINIST, and we reiterate this. There is a clear difference between feminism and boorish, bigoted and self-righteous 'donnism'! LET'S GET THE SWERFS AND FARTS OFF THE TRANSFEMINIST PITCHES! We quote the post of one of these nice people to reiterate how fascist-style victimisation of 'first we discriminate then we complain if we are offended' is an ever-common practice among those who wink at bigotry, moralism and fascist ideas.Red ShadowsNon Una Di Meno Firenze

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