10 February 2021

Privileged white feminists accusing poor and marginal males of violence

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It is one of the workhorses of the so-called intersectional feminism: the White, privileged women accusing poor, preferably black and migrant men of sexual violence, and demand that they be prosecuted without taking into account their situation of social, economic and cultural hardship. These women, it is alleged, are racist. (a debate that had opened in Europe after the episode of the Cologne rapes on New Year's Eve 2015, dozens of German girls were harassed and raped by young migrants of North African origin). Gender studies in universities increasingly promote this view: 'white tears' versus 'poor blacks'. Women, their bodies, must always be at the back of the queue, in last place. And even their struggles must always serve the cause of someone else, preferably male.

"What happened to feminism in universities? The Women Studies which began as a resource for working class and marginalised women in the 1990s were colonised by the postmodernist elite and transformed into something unrecognisable.

A article in a peer-reviewed journal entitled 'White tears, white rage: Victimhood and (as) violence in mainstream feminism' (White tears, white rage: victimhood and so-called violence in mainstream feminism) of Alison Phipps, professor of gender studies at Sussex University, is a shocking example of how gender studies have become something against women. This current of thought that promotes the idea that trans women are women, that sex work is work and strip tease is power has led a number of academics to a 'no-holds-barred' attitude.open hostility towards feminists campaigning against male violence.

In his most recent book Phipps stated that the "privileged white women"turn their trauma from male violence into a weapon in order to "delete' bad men from the institutions, without worrying about where they will end up. In his article he continues in an insulting way: 'White and middle-class feminists have called for more police, more convictions and longer sentences - and when something goes wrong in our workplaces the director is asked to resolve it ". 

"Ask the manager" is a derivative of insult "Karen" (and deeply sexist. And again: "...this article claims that the cultural power of mainstream white feminism is partly derived from the cultural power of white tears".

And where was the cultural power of the victims of the grooming gang (gangs of molesters and rapists) and the millions of women (of all races) around the world killed by men simply because they are women?

Phipps defines gallows feminism as the feminist campaign to end violence against women. He argues that those of us who want violent men to be criminally prosecuted do not care that a number of African American men are in prison as a result of the internal racism of the criminal justice system. So feminists like me are racist for arguing that dangerous men like John Worboys should be prosecuted.

What elite academics like Phipps seem to care less about is the fact that the vast majority of women in women's prisons have been victims of forms of sexual and other male violence that are rarely taken into account.

All women, including white, rich and privileged women, need feminism, because we all have one thing in common: the threat and reality of male violence. The accusation that when we suffer male abuse we cry buckets of 'white tears'. harming black people is an outrageous and dangerous insult.

One of my first jobs after leaving home was cleaning in a pub where the owner and his son sexually harassed me every day, even to the point of attempted violence. I chose not to "call the manager", i.e. not to report to the police, because I was afraid of the consequences. One of those men raped another woman only a few months later. That was in 1979. More than 40 years later women in positions of power within the academy seem to be more interested in pointing the finger at feminist activists rather than at violent men".

Julie Bindel (original article here)

translation by Marina Terragni

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