19 February 2022

Trans-athlete Petrillo wins it all. And - of course - thinks about politics

Fabrizio-Valentina Petrillo continues to rout opponents. Her last podium finish was at the 200m indoor masters championships in Ancona. She says that sport divided by gender is violence. And she proclaims her motto-manifesto: "Everyone must have the opportunity to determine for themselves who they are". Starting with gender
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Between the Olympics and the DDL Zan, last year the sports press devoted a lot of space to "inclusive sport" and to Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo, presented as "the first transgender athlete to wear the Italian national team jersey in an international competition'.

Petrillo, who competes in both Paralympic competitions for the visually impaired and the masters championships for female athletes over 35 (here the voice of athletes beaten by her male body)had hoped until the very end to participate in the women's category at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The qualification did not comeIt is unclear whether it was because he was a man on the documents or because of inadequate results - 1973 class, almost 50 years old, he was competing against female athletes in their twenties.

What has "Valentina" done since the summer? Obviously continued to win.

In September 2021, he achieved first place in three races at the Masters Championships in Rieti: 100m200m e 400m.

La trans-atleta Petrillo vince tutto. E -ovviamente- pensa alla politica

He also decided to enter politics, He stood in the municipal elections in Bologna on the list of the socialist party PSI-VOLT as a " Fabrizio Petrillo aka Valentina "taking 12 votes out of the 1335 obtained by the list (see here).

Last week he again won the 200m indoor masters championships held in Ancona (here).

To return to politics, these are Petrillo's intentions (December 2021, interview with Luce! here): " My motto and political manifesto is the self-determination of gender, everyone must be able to determine for themselves who they are. "(self-id).

The journalist asks: " What does it mean not to be able to self-determine one's gender? "Petrillo replies: "On the documents I am still a man against my will. To change a document I have to go to a judge. This is a law from 1982, it was pioneering at the time and today it is completely inadequate. When I go to court I will say: 'I feel raped' because the arbitrariness of the judge is very heavy.".

So Petrillo would like the self-id, to change the anagraphic sex without going to a judge and doctors to document 'a transition path', as currently provided for in Law 164/1982, which, moreover, on the basis of subsequent judgments, allows the change without intervention on the genitals.

Petrillo adds: 'You think that everyone is going to have a sex change, but that's not the case. We don't wake up in the morning with this idea, it's something you find out on a pathway". The aim is to "self-determine" as much as one likes, including entering the sporting categories -and spaces- of 'women' while keeping the male body and genitals intact (obviously trans FtM, female to male, who want to compete in the male categories is not available.). Key reasoning of the transgenderism, egocentric and masculine prioritising the feelings of the 'trans' individual without any consideration of the consequences for others. (see also the problem of MtFs in the women's prisons, here).

Petrillo also says: 'A gender division is itself gender-based violence". Once again, the trick of replace the word "sex" with "gender".already attempted in the Zan DDL and similar legislation around the world. The ultimate aim of transgenderism is not to allow a minority to change their sex on documents so that they can 'feel better'. What dominates are the interests of big business, namely the trans industry that in the name of health and other gender fluid intervenes on bodies by demolishing them and medicalising them for life (see here).

Petrillo is delighted with the new rules of the International Olympic Committee, which "elimina the concept of controlling testosterone levels, leaving room for the federations to regulate each situation (...) The IOC is moving towards an idea of the person rather than the gender (...) There are sports where weight classification is adopted. It means that one day we might move towards parameters other than gender. [gender].. That's what I think too and I'm pleasantly impressed.". 

It is clear, therefore, that 'inclusive' sport is not about rights and it is not a harmless fad: it is about an a powerful vehicle for introducing and making acceptable the abolition of sexual difference, once again erasing women's bodies and replacing them with the male 'transgender athletes'.

p.s: on the Petrillo case we tried to interview the FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation. In deference to the powerful dogma of no-debate (see here) once again we received no reply. After all, they would have little to say.

Meanwhile, today, 19 February, the first International Conference in Defence of Women's Sports Categories will take place in Madrid, see here

La trans-atleta Petrillo vince tutto. E -ovviamente- pensa alla politica

Maria Celeste

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