Equality according to Biden: the right of men to call themselves women (and to win in all women's sports)

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And Kamala? Nothing to say?


“On social media, women have expressed their opinion relief for the end of the Trump era. Canadians also posted images of Kamala Harris and Jill Biden in clothes that represent progress. No true feminist would wear a black suit and red tie, after all. What America needs now are those jewel tones.

I can't understand what trauma we suffered seeing an egomaniac tweet himself in the prison of the Internet... If anything it gave us the inspiration for 4 years of dedicated progressive posts. Now what will we talk about?

In any case, I'm happy that all this division and polarization is finally over. Both Canadians and Americans will have to band together to find something new to distract themselves with. Maybe this time it will be there mass surveillance and the end of free speech? Wait, no, I have a good one: the end of women's sports and sex-based protections?

The first thing US President Joe Biden did the day after taking office was to sign 15 executive orders , including rejoining the Paris climate accord and reversing a policy that blocks U.S. funding for programs abroad when linked to abortion. Not bad. He also issued the mask obligationerine throughout the federal territory, as well as on buses, planes and trains.

But the brave one 100 days mask challenge (oh funny! It's like a game!) wasn't the only decision that allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief. Biden also signed a executive order to implement some aspects of the Equality Act , iwhich sounds like a great thing, unless you're a woman who was hoping for equality under the law in 2021. Sorry, Karen. Equality is not for you. Put your mask back on.

The ordinance guarantees that “Federal statutes addressing sex discrimination prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity” and bypasses the tedious legislative process normally required to pass a law

But hey, we're talking about equality, Boys. And who would ever vote against it! As far as I know, democracy just means that other people can decide what's good for you. Those who vote against things that are not “good” are fascists.

So that we are not fooled into believing that an "equality act" could concern at least in part the fight against discrimination based on sex, given that women make up half of the population who have spent the last 100 years fighting for equal rights to pursuant to the law, we are reminded that our status as “woman” only matters if you are the kind of woman who is a man.

L'Equality Act of the origins, introduced in 1974 from Beautiful Abzug, actually sought to ban discrimination on the basis of sex (as well as sexual orientation and marital status) but as we all now know, thanks to Twitter fact-checkers, humans have gone far beyond sex. Today we are a mass of amorphous “they” (theys) whose rights are determined by the type of porn we prefer.

L' Equality Act of 1974 did not become law and has been reintroduced in various forms over the years until today, when equality is still necessary, but not for chicks.

Today the important thing to ensure equality is that mediocre male athletes are allowed to compete against girls and women so as not to have to live with their male mediocrity. As such this “Equality Law” ensures that individuals cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their “gender identity”. Which sounds good, because no one should be discriminated against: but in this case We use the term “discrimination” to defend men's right to claim to be women and be treated as such.

You might wonder why men would want to be treated like “women.” Well: to begin with, to have the guarantee that they will not be denied theaccess to abortion should they become hallucinatory pregnant. But there are also other good reasons. One of which is that if these men found themselves accused of sexual assault they could avoid being locked up in prison with a bunch of violent guys. Right. Nobody wants it. The problem is that, as “women,” these men now have the right to be incarcerated in women's facilities, which means female inmates will be subjected to the kind of male violence that no one wants to deal with. Seems unfair, right? Too bad, Karen! This is equality!

What's really important about this act of equality, however, is create a level playing field for males who are not good enough athletes to compete with other male athletes. AND better for them to compete against women who due to their biology are not as strong or fast as male athletes. Effectively women's bodies are different from men's bodies, but we are no longer allowed to explain how, given that material reality is not very polite and rudeness kills.

Not only men now they can legally access women's facilities - including bathrooms, and changing rooms - but as "women" they can also win sports competitions, competitions, scholarships and awards previously reserved for girls and women. Recognitions that they fully deserve, because the most difficult thing to be a woman is to be male.

In October Biden it has promised who would have promulgated the Equality Act during his first 100 days as president. He's a good guy (that's why you voted for him, right?) E good guys keep their promises. So, he maintained. None of this was a surprise, and now we can all celebrate that brave new world, relieved of the burden of free thought.

Personally I'm relieved that Americans no longer have a madman for a president! Imagine if the leader of your country believed that males could become females with a simple declaration, and then made a law about it! LOL!“.

Meghan Murphy, journalist and feminist gender critical and founder of Feminist Current

(translation by Marina Terragni).

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