9 January 2021

The little girl from Baressa. And her mother

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Michela lives in Baressa, Oristano, and has a little girl. In July 2018, when she was not even 3 years old, the girl was taken by law enforcement who on the basis of a judgment of exclusive custody handed her over to her father, Michela's ex-husband, whom she accused of ill-treatment. The man lives in Viterbo, a long way from Baressa. Michela has not seen her daughter for a long time. On Monday 11 January, he will have to appear before the Court of Oristano to answer for the crime of child abduction. Here is the story, as told Patrizia Cadau, municipal councillor in Oristano.

What happened to the little girl from Baressa? What happened to the living motherless child and above all, what happened to the mother, Michela, from whom that little girl was taken away by the police, on a torrid afternoon in July 2018 in the heart of Sardinia, before my eyes?
I don't forget Michela and BeaShe was not even three years old when she was forced to leave her home. Torn from her mother's arms. I was there, I don't invent anything and everything was reported and reported in real time.. And above all, I am not afraid to denounce the fact that both have ended up in the convenient funnel of the oblivionIn the meat grinder of the absolute and complicit silence of the mafia system that swallows the protagonists of stories like these, where the ogres are protected and the victims are left to suffer in the hell of injustice. And in the collective silence.
And here we are not talking about an ordinary injustice: we are talking about a little girl kidnapped from her loving family to be transported from Oristano to Viterboand handed over to a father accused of mistreatment. Very powerful father, they say. A very powerful father, you know.
We said: what happened to the missing child? We do not know. Mum has not been able to see her for a long time, He can hear her during the limited times when she cries and says she wants to go back to her home; her maternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, who have lovingly raised her since she was a few months old, cannot even hear her.
But hear ye, hear ye: On Monday morning, Michela, the mother from Baressa, will have to appear in court in Oristano, because she is accused of "child abduction".. This is not a joke. When with the baby in swaddling clothes she turned to the Police for violence, and was removed from the house where the violence took place, she returned to her parents' home. And that is why she is charged with child abduction.
But back to the original question. Where's Bea? How does she spend her time? Why doesn't she go to a nursery school? Where are the paternal grandparents with whom we thought the child was staying? Why is there no serious investigation into the child and the incredible conflict of interest that would link the powerful father to the perpetrators of justice?
Where are the politicians, the feminists, the lawyers, the indignant, the champions of 25 November, those who want pink rooms in police stations and equal opportunities? They are there, but well hidden behind a wall of convenience and hypocrisy.
I, on the other hand, will be at Michela's side on Monday 11 morning, at 10.30 am, in front of the Oristano court.. I will be with her, for her child. I invite everyone, the decent people of our area, the citizens and people of good will to join us and bring her credibility, affection and solidarity. I invite journalists to come and tell this story, which is one of violence against a little girl whose future, family, world and identity have been taken away. And to whom we must guarantee all our commitment to give it back.

Patrizia Cadau

Udi also supports Michela: here is the communiqué.


There is a mother, Michela, who silently continues to fight to be able to be with her daughter again. There is a little girl who saw herself deprived of her mother at the age of two and a half by measures which, in order to protect the so-called bigenitorialityThey went so far as to oust his mother (even with the use of the army). In the numerous papers of the trial there is no medical assessment to indicate that the mother's mental state is even potentially dangerous for her daughter. Yet the woman is serving a sentence like no other criminal. Today, in fact, the mother, to see his daughter which is 600 km across the sea from her, is forced to do so. inside a small room with a bed and a kitchenette, the door open and a guard always present sitting on the doorstep checking them out.  

Mother cannot take her daughter for a walkShe cannot take her to the playground; she cannot make her talk to her grandparents; she cannot even ask her if she remembers them or the relatives with whom she shared her early years. The mother cannot tell her daughter that she loves her. She cannot make her daughter listen to a song because she cannot use the phone during the meetings. She can't even ask her if she still eats star-bread. There is a brave little girl who has searched for her mother many times, but in vain, because she could not be with her. The girl had to learn to let her mother go because it was 'a rule': This is what her mother had to teach her in order to look her in the eye and not make her suffer the injustice. Today, at only five years old, in order to convince herself that her mother is always with her, the little girl says to her mother: "Mummy, you are like the sky for me, you are the air, you are the wind. You are everywhere. 

The machinery of justice cannot be reconciled with the rapid passage of time, especially when there is a child growing up without her mother. 
Once again, next Monday, Michela will be forced to defend herself against unjust accusations. 
Unable to go there personally, we relaunch Patrizia Cadau's initiative to support the mother of Baressa and we invite anyone who is in the vicinity to go to the Court of Oristano to support the woman and her family in this unbearable and exhausting struggle to claim a natural right for her and her daughter.
We have always stood by your side and will continue to do so.

Here is a petition against state theft launched by Frida, another mother in distress.

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