Transactivists "hang" Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo for her criticism of the Ley Trans

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A puppet with the mask of Carmen Calvo, socialist vice prime minister of Spain, was found hanging from a tree in Plaza 8 de Marzo in Santiago de Compostela. A sign on the puppet: “I'm lost... Where the patriarchy is?” (here is the article by El Mundo).

Carmen Calvo was “executed” for her highly critical position towards the so-called Ley Trans which intends to introduce free choice of gender identity in Spain (self-id) without any sentence, expert opinion or medical act (see here). The law is proposed and strongly supported by the Minister of Igualdad Irene Montero and by Podemos which governs together with the PSOE.

Carmen Calvo replied on Twitter: Neither violence nor threats have a place in a democracy. Not so, and received many messages of solidarity.

The RadFem Compostela collective, born against the “identity drift“represented by queer theory, meant the macabre performance”like an attack” and published images of Calvo’s “hanging” with the aim of “show the reality of the violence that radical feminists are experiencing. The RadFem of Galicia say they do not feel represented in any way by the Igualdad ministry.

Solidarity with Carmen Calvo and the RadFem sisters of Santiago and all of Spain.

Marina Terragni

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