26 February 2021

Making money by 'dismembering' and reselling women's bodies: the global power of the gender identity industry

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The ones you see in the picture are not dolls. These are child-shaped sex toys used by fetishists who insert them into their bodies to 'give birth'.. The fact that there is an online trade in these objects testifies to the the widespread diffusion and social acceptance of this type of paraphilia, which the clinic calls autogynephilia. In addition to using female clothing and accessories, as in the practice of cross-dressing, gautogynephiles erotically fetishise menstruation -using tampons found in women's bathroom wastebaskets-, abortion and childbirth. The following article tells us about thethe gender identity industry that profits from this form of objectification of the female body.

Over the last twenty years, thesocial acceptance of men with the sexual fetishism (or paraphilia) of transsexuality, defined autogynephilia in the clinical field, has been legitimised and rebranded by the creation of transgenderism (we are not talking about the real transsexual minority, but about free gender identity, ed.)

This process of normalisation has also been cleared in the cultural sphere, presented as progressive by Hollywood, politicians and governments and publicised by NGOs founded to promote it. It is time to pay more attention to this particular aspect of the cultural coup d'état carried out by the gender identity industry. Industry is the keyword. The transformation of a fetishism based on the objectification of women's bodies into a source of income is in fact the true origin of gender ideology, which is neither identity nor gender, stereotype systems based on the two sexes. The normalisation of this paraphilia is used on everyone as an instrument of commodification and control.

Fare soldi "smembrando" e rivendendo il corpo della donna: il potere globale dell'industria dell'identità di genere

The greatest threat posed by men with autogynephilia is not the risk that they might be sexual predators. Autogynephiles are no more or less dangerous than any other men. The crux of the matter is that they are men, and that a large percentage of male individuals pose a real danger to women and girls.
It is absurd and risky to open the doors of women-only sports areas to men. the worst and most underestimated risk for public opinion is the normalisation and transformation of a fetishism based on the objectification of the biology of the female body into a choice of identity and a fact of freedom.

Fetishes are by their very definition compulsive and obsessive and tend to intensify over time. In autogynephilia, the 'object' of the fetish is the female body. This is what makes it so dangerous, especially when associated with capitalism and technology. The fact that a man can suffer from this fetish in the privacy of his own bedroom is bad news; the fact that this paraphilia allows the sufferer to invade women's private space is an abuse; the fact that the paraphilia can be used as a means of preventing women from being treated as women is an abuse. men in power and government see the female body as a territory to be colonised and exploited is terrifying, and the existence of people who enjoy exercising abuse should take our sleep away and make us fight to find ways to stop them.

Fare soldi "smembrando" e rivendendo il corpo della donna: il potere globale dell'industria dell'identità di genere

In general, those suffering from autogynephilia have to switch from domestic to public transvestism in order to maintain their sexual satisfaction. Fifty years ago it was very rare for men to take over female biology to this extent, using technology and drugs. This was not socially acceptable behaviour, and the technology of the time did not allow men to hide their fetishism from an unsuspecting public. Today, things have changed: The acceptance of this fetishisation of women's bodies for their own sexual pleasure has been imposed on society by the elite and publicised. Young people practice it for fashion, causing themselves physical harm while lining the pockets of the promoters of the paraphilia.

Acceptance of this process forces us to take part in a collective sexual role-play and the normalisation of a fetishistic fantasy (what's wrong with a little dreaming, after all?) which sees the woman as an object to be dismembered, and which is not reserved for men suffering from autogynephilia. Our sexual characteristics have been turned into a source of profit.. We see men in power afflicted by this form of fetishism and we are forced to use pronouns that clash with reality in order to address them and 'protect their security'. to enable them to carry out a fetishist ritual that dismembers us in the name of financial gain.

Women's appropriation of male biology has also been normalised, but for female individuals it is not a fetish or a paraphilia. None of this has anything to do with freedom of expression; it is the thirst for money of Big Pharma and Big Tech, supported by the dominant culture, banking institutions around the world and human rights organisations.

Private and public spheres

It is neither moralistic nor derogatory to want to keep sex in one's private sphere.There is nothing wrong with wishing to live in a community where other people's sex lives are not constantly on display. Why? Because we want to choose where and with whom we have intimate relations. That is why we still have (at least for now!) an intimate dimension, a private sphere and a public life. The normalisation of sex disconnected from our private lives and made perennially public forces us to observe and participate in the sex lives of others; it pulverises our privacy and turns us into useful tools for legitimising public manifestations of a paraphilia. The violation of our right to privacy in the face of sexual role-play by individuals of the opposite sex goes hand in hand with the constant collection of data on our lives and the impossibility of keeping one's movements secret.

Imposing one's own sexual activity on others is a form of abuse, control and destabilisation, just as the total and constant surveillance that we undergoincreasingly cleared and normalised by the dominant culture and its manipulation of society. The normalisation, through transgenderism, of the paraphilia of transsexuality, has transformed the public objectification of the female body for the purpose of sexual pleasure into a human right, forcing people to lie about this phenomenon and to deny the evidence: women and other members of society are controlled, suffer violence and are delegitimised, both by this process and by the hidden cameras that follow us wherever we go.

With the metamorphosis of autogynephilia into transgenderism, men affected by this paraphilia are encouraged to show themselves acting out their sexual fantasies in the workplace, in companies and institutional settings. The satisfaction of their fetishism consists in the dismemberment of women. Everyone else is forced to accept their paraphilia; their demands for solidarity and their rules on the use of pronouns are imposed by companies and politicians. The laws enacted by these individuals legitimise this asexual busing inflicted on all other members of society, including children, who are taught about the acceptance of 'transgenderism' as early as primary school. Victims of harassment tend to dissociate themselves from the traumatic event in order to survive.

The gender identity industry is presided over by a rich and powerful man suffering from this paraphilia which turns women into objects and wants to eliminate all sexual boundaries between men and women in order to turn our bodies into sources of income. Martine Rothblatt (transgender born Martin, among the highest paid managers in the biopharmaceutical industry, ed.) managed to objectify his own wife to the point of turning her into a robot. whose ideas and thoughts he himself creates to general admiration. Together with other wealthy men affected by this fetish, he is turning the normalisation of his psychiatric problem into a human right for profit.

Capitalism guides our lives. Our bodies are commodified more than ever. Transgenderism is the latest slap in the face to the privacy of citizens in an existence where constant surveillance is the norm and the fetishes of others become part of a social fabric where the community is forced into a colossal psychodrama based on sexual role-playing.

Jennifer Bilek (translation by Duwayce)

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