17 March 2021

Elliot Page, trans-hero celebrated by the world's media

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Time dedicated its latest cover to Elliot Page (formerly Ellen). "I am what I am"he says. Pale, emaciated, his features already hardened by hormone treatment, his chest flattened by a double mastectomy, the air not exactly happy - let's hope that the rest of his life goes better. Elliot recounts the pain of having to suffer the hyper-feminisation imposed by Hollywood. She says that already at the age of 9 she felt like a boy and that it was hard to accept the roles that were offered to her.

Elliot's suffering cannot be doubted.No one would be maimed and medicated if they did not think that this was the way to get better. Maybe If the scripts had not forced him into such rigid stereotypes, it would have been easier.. Let's hope it works and that Elliot soon settles into this new equilibrium.

The problem is not Elliot. If anything, the problem is Timewhich celebrates him as a hero, collaborating in the construction of the liberal narrative, vigorously promoted by the Biden administration, which makes being T the paradigm of human freedom (criminalising and prosecuting when not persecuting every other point of view, cf. here).

The problem is Rolling Stone, People, The Corriere della Sera and all the other media celebrating its transition. There's very little to celebrate when something like this happens to you. There's little to glitter about. Gender dysphoria is a disgrace. This is by no means an enviable human condition. Even if you don't have surgery, even if you don't undergo lifelong heavy and risky drug therapies, your life T can be very complicated. There is no reason to celebrate this disorder, however depathologised, as a fascinating existential adventure..

Those who know transsexuals know very well that If they had the choice, they would have gladly done without this ordeal.. Those who know older transsexuals who may have to stop hormone therapy because of unsustainable iatrogenic effects in old age, and then having to see their bodies painfully conform to their birth sex (in the case of MtF transwomen, for example, having to endure baldness, pseudo-vagina and urethra closing up and other effects) knows that there is little to idealise and glitter about.

The fact is that if Time, Rolling Stone, People, The Corriere della Sera and all the other media break out the champagne, representing condition T as 'fabulous', there will be thousands of young girls determined to escape 'the burning house' (see here) of becoming a woman by choosing transition (8 out of 10 cases today are FtM transitions). Children often suffering from psychiatric problems -particularly autism spectrum disorders, eating disorders, etc., see here- induced to read their suffering as 'being born in the wrong body' and to beg for puberty blockers in order not to have to deal with the problems they face. the natural transition into a woman's body.

Elliot Page, trans-eroe celebrato dai media di tutto il mondo

The fact is that if Time, Rolling Stone, People, The Corriere della Sera and all other media continue to obscure news such as the Keira Bell judgment, the growing phenomenon of girl detransitioners (see here), of all those who have gone through this and then realised that they had made or were led by a hasty diagnosis to make a wrong choice and that they had instead they would need love, support, understanding, help in accepting their homosexuality, and also a political struggle for women's freedom. (see here) and for the free signification of oneself as a woman against the so-called gender stereotypes - not of scalpels and testosterone, which these stereotypes reinforce them- well, if the media do this they bear a heavy responsibility.

Take a tour of Feminist Post e you will find all this news methodically obscured by mainstream information.

Give us a hand in spreading this awareness, to effectively support girls and young women. And to continue our totally voluntary work with our bare hands, even with a small financial contribution.

Marina Terragni



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