31 December 2020

After Covid: notes for a new city. In view of the administrative elections

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  • Next spring -most likely, due to Covid-19, next autumn-. The vote will be held in many Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Turin and many others. In other words, the places where we live, forge our relationships, have our nearest and dearest, work, think and act. This time more than ever, with the need for transformative practices brutally accelerated by Covid and the (rather moderate and insufficient) 'reformist' projects underway in the various cities, local elections are profoundly political and should be dealt with, helping to build the so-called post-pandemic 'new normal'. The reformist projects we hear about are no great thing. They do not lay the foundations of a new city. They do not initiate that change of civilisationWe have begun to work (starting with an exchange between Sandra Bonfiglioli and Marina Terragni) on the principles that can guide reflection. We have started to work (starting from an exchange between Sandra Bonfiglioli and Marina Terragni) on the principles that can guide reflection, and we have called them "notes for a new city'. From these principles we have derived some examples of possible political practices that keep the relationships, the interdependence of living beings, care, space-time as the inviolable natural endowment of each-or, another way of thinking about work and living, the idea of the city as a place of politics. (find all herein Italian and English). Below are the "principles" that guided the reflection. A group has also been set up -at the moment Googlegroup- to discuss administration together: if you are really interested in participating please write to our contacts.
  • The truth can no longer be kept hidden
  • The truth for all to see is that too many foolish men rule the world and life has become unlivable.
  • The world is our home and can no longer be left in their hands
  • The world is the small place we inhabit in dialogue and resonance with every other place (think globally, act locally)
  • Ihe market designed for the profit of the very few cannot usurp the name of economy.
  • Economy is feeding, caring for and saving living bodies and the world they inhabit
  • Earning is right and human. What needs to be earned is space, time and more opportunities for life.
  • To gain you need authority and care. Authority and care are the same thing.
  • To exercise authority/care is to know how to listen to the needs of the world, to feel tenderness for the world and those who inhabit it, "living up to a universe without answers"*
  • Women have always been the most capable of doing this. The truth must also be told about this: ("force us to claim the evidence of a natural fact".*)
  • The feminine root of the world must be rediscovered against the transhumanist drift
  • The economic and political 'subject' is the relationship. The individual is an invention
  • The relationship between mother and child is the foundation of civilisation
  • The city is the space of relations and the place of politics
  • What is good for mothers and children in the city is good for everyone in the city.
  • Each of us comes into the world with his or her own inviolable dowry of space-time, and must be able to decide how much of it to give up in exchange for the means to survive.
  • Work less, work all
  • The domain is just a recent and nefarious stunt. No need for domination to regulate human coexistence
  • Domination with all its functions - exploitation, violence, rape, speed, competition, war, unlimited profit, control of bodies - is an imposition of the rebellious children.
  • The civilisation set up by the rebellious children is uncivilised and collapsing. More daughters and sons today call for a change in civilisation
  • Male immoderation is destroying the world
  • Natural catastrophe is the world's way of trying to heal itself from the ills caused by this excess.
  • He who makes the world sick cannot heal it
  • The world is asking for space to be cleared, for rhythms to be slowed down and for silence to be established.
  • Forgiveness must be asked of the other living beings so that they may welcome us back.

* Carla Lonzi, Carla Accardi, Elvira Banotti, Women's Revolt ManifestoRome, July 1970

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