Women against women: the Spanish minister Irene Montero and her Ley Trans. Ignore the protests of feminism

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For Irene Montero, Spanish Minister of Equal Opportunities (Podemos) the so-called Ley Trans which allows the totally self-determined free choice of one's "gender identity" (self-id) it's a'absolute emergency and must be approved as soon as possible: the plan is to have it arrive in port within the first two weeks of February. Spanish feminism has been mobilized for months against the Ley Trans, but Montero does not consider women's objections even if he claims to want to find mediation. He says that the "gender identity is not an ideology, but a right", that international organizations are pushing in this direction. And he continues on his way. In Italy the concept of "gender identity" is the cornerstone of the Zan bill against homobitransphobia approved by the House in recent weeks and waiting to be discussed in the Senate. Even in Italy, gender critical feminism has mobilized, but the drafters of the law (from Zan to Boldrini) just like Montero refused any comparison. What will happen in Spain - and what is happening or has already happened throughout the Western world, there erasure of women to make room for the phantasmatic "gender identity" i.e. in the masculine neuter - it is therefore very important also for us and for all gender critical feminists. Here is the whole Ley Trans story.


Madrid, 30 October 2020. The Ministry of Equal Opportunities launches a preliminary public consultation for the future project of “Trans Law” which allows the registration of sex change without the need for a medical report or treatment to change physical appearance.

The general direction of the collective “Sexual diversity and LGTBI rights” announces on Twitter the opening of the consultation until November 18th to collect the opinions of citizens, organizations and associations before the draft regulation is drawn up. Everyone can send their contributions from Friday 30 October to 18 November via email.

With the new rule, the Ministry of Equal Opportunities wants to "depathologize" trans people, allowing the registration of sex change without any medical or psychological relationship or changes in the person's physical appearance or function through medical, surgical, or other procedures.

In response, more than 100 feminist organizations adhering to theAlianza contra el borrado de las mujeres (Alliance Against the Erasure of Women) flooded the mailbox of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities with protests against the Trans Law that Irene Montero had just brought to public consultation.
The Alliance sent emails with the subject “The Trans Law erases women” to protest against "the consequences that legal atrocities entail in different areas of life“.

"As Contra Borrado we have developed urgent reflections so that all feminists can send a letter to the Ministry with these contributions", explained the feminist Carmen Freix.

All feminist organizations complain that from this email address not even an automatic response came of thanks and receipt. A silence which however is not surprising. Irene Montero avoided meeting feminists critical of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities for months for his assumption of queer postulates that “they erase women“.

here are the highlights of the document That Contra Borrado has made available to explain how this law represents a threat to women and which you can read in the original language here


Laws already exist which formally recognize the full rights of transsexual people. In 2007, the requirement to undergo legal sex change surgery was removed. Practically, in Spain only a medical and psychological report is required to demonstrate dysphoria, in the same way that people with disabilities, among others, are required to undergo a series of tests that prove they are.

Women's rights are based on sex. Canceling this means canceling all legal and regulatory protections regarding equality.

The Government announces this law months after the members of the Government signed one “argumentation” prepared by the PSOE. The “argument” opposes sex change with simple “self-determination”, i.e. without legal requirements or precautions against fraud. Emphasize that biological sex is a real fact on which the discrimination suffered by women is based. To combat discrimination there are rights based on sex such as Article 14 of the Constitution, laws against gender violence, laws of equality in careers and rewards, as well as those establishing sports categories for women and exclusive women's prisons. Rights seriously damaged by the announced law.

The so-called “trans law” is actually the erasure of women and the equality that has been achieved. It states that sex is arbitrarily assigned and that anyone can change their legal sex if they claim to have a female, male, non-binary, fluid, etc. “identity.” The text constitutes a fundamental step in the direction of legal erasure of women and their replacement with “gender identity” determined by will. Removing women from the law will not make sexism disappear. If legal sex disappears, women's rights against male chauvinism will also disappear.


IN CHILDHOOD: the right to free development of personality during childhood is violated. Girls and boys are indoctrinated with a deeply reactionary and anti-feminist ideology. Incorporating the notion of “gender identity” or “gender expression” means naturalizing and accepting the same sexism that produces violence and inequality in our society. The promotion of equality is undermined and traditional gender stereotypes are perpetuated. Talking about the wrong bodies and promoting gender as an identity contradicts all norms of equality, reinforces sexism in childhood and lays the foundation for compromising the healthy development of girls.

IN EDUCATION: They are particularly worrying the consequences that this law has in education and childhood. In autonomous communities where laws on “gender identity” or “sexual self-determination” have been approved“, educational protocols based on “gender identity in the brain” or “assigned sex” are imposed by legal mandate, neuro-sexist and unscientific theses that have been refuted by science. Sex is not assigned, it is observed. We are born male or female into the human species. Educating from these non-scientific concepts prevents creatures from overcoming the roles and stereotypes associated with women and men, stereotypes that limit the free development of their personality. False beliefs based on the conversion of gender into identity promote the most antiquated sexist postulates that education has fought against, and represent a maltreatment of children. Children are condemned to conform to traditional sexist roles by explaining to them, for example, that if a boy plays with toy kitchens and loves ballet he has a female gender identity and therefore must be a girl.

IN HEALTH: Gender dysphoria or incongruence is a disorder that has been recognized for years and has a great social influence. The person presents significant distress due to a perceived incompatibility between their sex and the normative social roles associated with it. Dysphoria occurs especially among girls and adolescents. At the end of adolescence it disappears in 80-85% cases. For this reason, science advises against intervening with any invasive technique or measure. However, in the name of “gender identity,” they are administered hormone blockers to stop the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, as well as irreversible surgical operations leading to several permanent consequences, including sterility.

IN STATISTICS: Without disaggregating data by biological sex, all inequality and violence will be made invisible in statistics. And reality will be falsified. Sex is an objective, immutable and observable variable. It is essential on a health, work, psychological, educational, criminal level... Reducing it to something that satisfies the person's desires without criteria other than stereotypes or sexist feelings erases any research, any intervention and any fight against inequality between men and women on the basis to sex and gender. Disaggregation by biological sex is mandatory to have official statistics in all sectors and to also be able to develop treatments and drugs adapted to the biological characteristics derived from sex.

IN SPORT: This law presupposes the cancellation of women's sports categories. The acceptance of men who self-identify as women in these sporting categories prevents women from competing on equal terms. It violates the principle of material equality contained in our Constitution. Women's right to physical integrity is compromised by increasing the risk of suffering serious injuries when they have to compete or train with men who self-identify as women, i.e. with stronger and larger people.

IN SAFE SPACES: Spaces reserved for sex which until now were safe spaces for women: changing rooms, school bathrooms, women's shelters, prison modules... they would cease to be. Men could access without problems if they are registered in the civil register as women, with no other requirement than their declaration of will. “Self-determination of sex” opens the door to one legal fraud which compromises women's safety. The threat to women's safety, physical integrity and sexual freedom in these spaces if they were shared with men is clear.

INCREASE IN LESBOPHOBIA AND HOMOPHOBIA: Transgenderism queer has colonized much of the LGTBQ+ community and promotes the idea that sexuality has to do with “gender identity”. So according to this point of view, homosexuality is the attraction to people not of the same sex but with the same "gender identity". It is a further step towards the traditional ones restorative therapies which violate the rights of homosexual people, particularly lesbian women. It is emphasized that their sexual attraction to women must be corrected to give in to the subjectively perceived gender that has to do with their desires. It asks for social acceptance of the existence of “lesbians with penises” heterosexual men who define themselves as women. Lesbians are forced to have sex with them and threatened as transphobic if they refuse, supporting the false idea that the attraction is for “perceived genders”.

USE OF QUEER LANGUAGE. The tongue it is the tool through which we construct the representation of the world around us. It can enhance anything or make it invisible based on its use. Queer newspeak proposes and disseminates terms that normalize the denial of sex as a biological category and with it the reality, needs, discrimination and rights of over 3.7 billion women in the world (more than 24 million in this country). The word woman is replaced with the subjective concept of "gender identity". This is disguised as protection of minority rights, diversity and integration. Women become “menstruating people,” “human females,” “pregnant people,” “people with a uterus or cervix.” The term CIS women it is intended to be imposed to legitimize men who self-determine as women. Queer language has infiltrated political statements, laws, the media and sectors such as education, healthcare, sports and labor. Some companies use queer language when seeking new customers, even for truly feminine products. The acceptance and use of this new language hinders and weakens the defense of women's rights. It opens the door to the legalization of reproductive exploitation and the lack of protection of women against it sexual and reproductive exploitation in all its forms.

Our critical voices are censored and persecuted. Not only have we not been listened to, but selective censorship is imposed on us, so that our proposals are silenced by labeling them as “hate speech” And sanctioning them criminally and administratively or through the regulatory mechanisms of private social networking companies such as Twitter.

This behavior by the Government is inconceivable in a democracy. The government's attitude is misogynistic and anti-democratic since political pluralism protects all ideologies unless you are a woman. With the complicity of the institutions that host these misogynistic groups, feminist women who advocate for sex-based rights are harassed for exercising their freedom of expression.

(translation by Sara Punzo)

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