15 March 2021

Sarah Everhard case: more and more women killed by men, but liberal feminism thinks of male and trans rights

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Italian women should never feel closer to British women than they do these days. feminicide of Sarah Everard, 33-year-old kidnapped and murdered for whose death a policeman has already been arrested, Wayne Couzens, made the vase of male oppression, abuse and violence against women and girls of all ages overflow (the number of feminicides in the UK is similar to that in Italy: on average, a woman is killed because she is a woman every three days).

Sarah's remains were found about 60 kilometres from London, and her end tells of what can happen to you, in 2021, if you are a woman and dare to walk down the street when it is dark. La vigil on Saturday evening in Clapham Common, in south London, turned into a protest when the police officers called the crowd to respect anti-Covid rules and then forced them to evacuate. The women present replied that they were afraid to go home alone.

Caso Sarah Everhard: sempre più donne uccise da uomini, ma il femminismo liberale pensa ai diritti maschili e trans
Sarah Everard

"Shame on you', 'Leave them alone', 'Arrest yourselves' shouted the protesters at the officers brutally handcuffing and arresting women who did not intend to carry out the orders (the images here). The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan expressed his concern about the behaviour of the police and promised the 'new'.initiation of an investigation.

Caso Sarah Everhard: sempre più donne uccise da uomini, ma il femminismo liberale pensa ai diritti maschili e trans
The last image of Sarah Everard before she was kidnapped and killed by a policeman

Sarah's case has led to an overflow of blood: the UK government will have to re-evaluate its anti-violence laws and policies. But the first step is already a misstep: a consultation launched to quantify violence against women and girls targets women 'of all genders'. A term, 'gender', which risks making any fight for women's freedom futile. We have already seen the disconcerting Italian 8 Marchthe 'feminist' demonstrations of Not One Less (see here), so feminist as to be conducted by men, even to the point of silencing with squadron methods women committed to raising their voices against prostitution, pornography and surrogacy.

Italian liberal feminism is willingly blind to and complicit with patriarchy. The fight is for the multiplication of genders, for the affirmation of theories, such as 'free gender identity' and 'free sex work', which have nothing to do with women's rights. The rights of men and transgender people are defended using unproven theses: the most popular one is that transgender people are the most oppressed in the world, when the news and statistics tell the contrary (see here)

Women are the most endangered human beings in the worldit is women who urgently need measures to defend their dignity as adult female human beings, as workers, as mothers.

Between one feminicide and another, between one maternity dismissal and another, between one rape and another, between one case of abuse/harassment and another, liberal feminism persists in intercepting oppression in places where it simply does not exist. And women, unfortunately, are once again left alone. Ignored, forgotten, victims of a succession of violence and misogyny that shows no sign of stopping.

It must be acknowledged: beyond all the "not all men"swirling around on social networks, The worst enemies of women, as the feminicide of Sarah Everard once again shows, remain men.

Giorgia Garda

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