21 December 2020


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Thinking, and thinking with joy in these complicated times, overwhelmed by two irresistible female protagonists: one, Miriam (Midge) Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan), a young, well-to-do Jewish woman from the Upper West Side who, after the trauma of her break-up with her husband, who was mistakenly convinced that he was a great comedian, turns out to be -yes, she is- an amazing and irreverent comedian, a great comedian. stand up comedianalmost the feminine of Lenny Bruce (to whom a poignant portrait is dedicated); and the other, Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein), her non-friend (not much subtlety) and agent, a tender butch with a poor reputation and a magnificent swearword, a kind of ante litteram Valerie Solanas who bets everything on Midge's talent, supports her tenaciously and pushes her towards success ('...).to the cliff'.), overcoming all obstacles.

The series "The Fantastic Mrs Maisel on air on Amazon Prime (three seasons and a fourth on the way, hopefully soon) is written, produced and directed by Amy Stewart Palladino in collaboration with her husband Daniel Palladino, has won everything, Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and various critics' prizes and is set in a New York of the 1950s and beyond, glittering and multicoloured, with the zoom focused on the Jewish upper and even lower class (the community holiday at the resort in the Catskill Mountains is unforgettable).

You must not miss this series, believe me. First of all because it will make you feel good, which is very important these days. Secondly, because the actresses are terrific, the dialogue is brilliant and fast-paced, the humour is biting and classically funny.... witz (Jewish), the set design a feast for the eyes, the soundtrack, period and otherwise, simply perfect. But above all because tells of an unthinkable friendship between two women who are as different as can be.because she tells it in a way that renounces all stereotypes and you and your friends will finally be able to recognise yourselves; because Midge is herself a living stereotype-breaker: wife and mother perfect to the point of nausea with her Audrey Hepburn wardrobe, she lets herself be overwhelmed by her double (doppelgänger) witty, irrepressible and unhinged suddenly appeared on the stage of the 'Gaslight Cafe', Midtown nightclub, in the course of a terrible hangover after leaving her husband (almost every character in the series has a doppelgänger and are constantly threatened by a possible other rather obscene life, very different from the one they are living).

Feminism is not there yet, but there are signs of it. in that wonderful friendship, in the car rides to New Jersey to go and perform in terrible comedy club (Susie driving, Midge not licensed), in that inalienable freedom that suddenly sweeps over the two women and everything around them like a cyclone. And, finally, not even the shadow of ideology.

I don't want to spoil it: enjoy it!

Marina Terragni


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