23 February 2021

A voce sola: Queer invades universities

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I gender studies, born to welcome women's knowledge and represent it in the academies, they have long since become transfeminist and queer reserve (explains here Julie Bindel). Provincially land Italian universities follow the trend -the phenomenon is well established in the Anglo-Saxon world and indeed shows some signs of slowing down. Proposals such as this one from the University of Turin, Department of Law: "Seminar Law Lgbtq+" (?), a compendium of the issues of that subculture - polyamory, uterus for rent, "homogenitoriality", queer and law - presented and discussed in a single voice.

As recommended Stonewall, the largest LGBT+ organisation in the world, never agree to confront each other (preferably make sure to gag the political antagonist). Indeed, one might run the risk of stumbling across some argument and not knowing how to counter-argue. The philosopher Mary Lang defines it as "Reverse Voltaire'.or "I agree with the things you would like to say, but I will fight to the death for you not to say them".

The so-called no-platform (I won't let you speak if you don't say what I want) is the opposite of free speech, free expression of thought that should be at the heart of all academic activity, and is the treatment of gender-critical feminists in particular such as Germaine Greer e Silvyane Agacinski, whose speech was cancelled following threatening student mobilisations at Bordeaux-Montaigne University. Also provincially and somewhat grotesquely a few months ago in Bologna Porpora Marcascianohonorary president of the MIT, Trans Identity Movement, ventured "Get the Terfs out of the universities!" after listening to a lecture by the teacher Gianna Pomata who did not bow to the queer supremacism.

In ranking of 55 American universities according to the degree of freedom of expression by the independent project RealClear PoliticsThe renowned Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley were ranked 46th, 29th and 28th respectively. The only exception was Chicago, where the rector had to clarify that "they did not accept the cancellation of conferences because of the ideas of the speakers, they did not allow places where questions about sexual or religious convictions were not asked (safe spaces)".

Academies have for too long been a place of production, dissemination and custody of queer theory. Although "standard academic rules for knowledge production"explains the British lecturer Kathleen Stock "are not currently observed in fields related to sex and gender. This whole academic area is unacceptably politicised. Certain publications and certain texts are treated as sacred texts instead of being discussed....".  

It is time for feminism to take back its space in schools and universities.

Marina Terragni

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