19 April 2021

6 months imprisonment and 30,000 $ fine to Canadian father who fought against his baby's transition

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Again, you won't read about this in the newspapers or hear about it on the radio or TV: it's too embarrassing for the mainstream, which supports gender identity without even knowing what it really is. Here is another example of the disasters it produces.


Canadian 'prisoner of conscience', the British Columbia father who tried to prevent his daughter from undergoing paediatric transition (see here) was sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment for contempt of court and a $30,000 fine.. The convict's behaviour, according to his lawyer Carey Linde, was one of "stoic acceptance". As this is his first offence and he has pleaded guilty, saving the court the expense of a trial, Linde and his client consider the sentence to be excessive.

Mr Robert Hoogland, a postal worker, has been in prison for some time for violating a court ban preventing him from speaking publicly about his baby's transition. He admitted that he intentionally violated the ban and entered a guilty plea to a charge of contempt of court.

So it became a "prisoner of conscience".

It is worth noting what is happening: the court is inviting public opinion to consider the little girl victim of her father's attempts to protect her. Narrative that could be a reversal of reality: the child might rather be a victim of the inability of doctors and courts to safeguard her health and fertility.

But this scapegoating technique will not stick with Canadian parents, who are becoming increasingly outspoken in the streets and on social media and in growing numbers about their rejection of the whole transgender ideological package.

Unfortunately Canada now falls into the category of nations that organisations such as the ACLU and Amnesty International would once have placed on a watch list.before they too were caught up in sexual denialism/transgender ideology to become its propaganda arm.

In 2021 Canada is actually sterilising lesbian, gay, autistic and depressed children and calling them 'human rights'. It's the world upside down. The false consent imposed by the courts cannot stand. It is in contrast with nature and human kinship ties.

Bad law must be challenged. It is our civil duty to protest in such circumstances.

This story shows that, at least in Canada, parents are really powerless to prevent the sterilisation of their children and the ultimate loss of their health at the hands of such charlatans.

Soon, Canadian courts may no longer need family law and contempt of court laws to suppress speech that contradicts the new gender orthodoxy. They will have tailor-made hate speech laws to quickly bring down the hammer on dissident individuals.

Perhaps the Canadians should have paid more attention to Meghan Murphy. and Jordan Peterson when they started waving a red flag, when there was still time to stop gender identity laws. Now that liberalism is hegemonic, the only interest is in repressing dissent and vilifying the gender dissidents who tried to sound the alarm.

Attendees from all over the world should make a note of Resist the legalisation of gender identity before it comes into play. Carefully scrutinise every new bill in parliament and also secondary legislation.

Some telltale signs: omission of the word 'sex, play on current words such as "mother" and "pregnant woman", introduction of new terms such as "pregnant person", "individual in gestation'., "equipped with a uterus'. When you notice something like this, make as much noise as you can: lobby politicians, get as much press, blog and social media coverage as you can, organise with like-minded groups at local and national level. Prevent the bill from becoming law.

If you lose this battle, you might end up like Canada: once a beacon, now a lesson in what might happen.

original article here (translation by Marina Terragni)

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