28 December 2020

2020: a historic year for gender-critical feminism

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In 2020 there were many victories of common sense over trans madness. (...) Most people will agree that 2020 has been a lousy year, but for those of us on the frontline of the 'TERF wars' there have been huge gains against gendered fascists incapable of joy. It seems that the green shoots of reason are finally visible.

End of 2019 JK Rowling tweeted his support for Maya Forstatera tax consultant who lost his job at a think tank after expressing his opinion on social media that human beings cannot change sex. The 'woke' witch-hunters have long targeted JK Rowling, who also previously did not support women's rights based on sex, calling them a 'middle-aged thing'.

By June 2020, the best-selling author had probably had enough. Needing neither money nor the approval of the pimply brats who had vowed to burn her books, Rowling responded to accusations of 'transphobia' with a short essay. In 3,600 words, Rowling explained why, as a female victim of domestic violence, she was not so keen on the idea that men could legally change their sexes using the magic formula 'I identify as'. Despite the threats of erasure and the large number of harassments, Rowling has risen as a heroine of reality compared to the nightmarish fantasy world of trolls and genre Dementors.

The ideology of 'gender identity' goes far beyond social media. It has the support of international NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and even the United Nations. But this year grassroots activists from all over the world joined forces to fight against the idea that gender identity can override material reality. The "Declaration of Women's Rights Based on Gender". was drafted by academics and activists in the UK, and now -from the Bahamas to Sweden- there are sister groups rejecting transgender ideology. Similarly theLGB Alliance, founded in 2019, hit the mainstream this year by challenging the transgender lobby narrative like Stonewall and inspiring similar realities around the world (at least 14 national groups). The LGB Alliance supports the right to be attracted to the same sex, something that should not be revolutionary in 2020 but is vigorously opposed by government-funded LGBT charities.

After countless postponements, 2020 was also the year that the UK Minister for Women and Equal Opportunities Liz Truss responded to the government on the proposal to reform the Gender Recognition Act, process started about five years earlier by her not-so-bright predecessor Maria Miller. Defying those who called for her resignation and slandered her even from within her own party, Truss stood firm and announced that so-called 'gender self-identification' was not on the agenda. Rather, she pledged the government to establish more health clinics for those suffering from gender dysphoria, to reduce fees for legal gender reassignment and to stop the medicalisation of children confused about their 'gender identity'.

This new approach to the issue of transgender identities has also influenced theorientation of the Department for Education which now advises schools not to use external counselling groups that promote the idea that it is possible to be born in the 'wrong body'.

There were also some historical legal defeats for the promoters of gender identity. In April, Freddy McConnella woman who identifies as a trans man, gave birth to a child in the usual way (giving birth, ed.) and then had the displeasure of losing the appeal asking to be registered as the child's father. In other news: Christie Elan-Cane, who identifies herself as non-binary, lost her case at the Court of Appeal to be listed as gender-neutral in her passport.

Probably the most significant victory for common sense this year was the case of Keira Bell and "Mum A". v. Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (home of GIDS - Gender Identity Development Service of the NHS). After a thorough examination, the High Court judges concluded that the children are not able to give informed consent regarding the long-term impact of the GIDS. drugs that block puberty and have effectively banned their use to treat gender dysphoria in children. From Liberty to Amnesty International, the illiberal elite have expressed their indignation in hastily drafted public statements that are likely to grow as old as the support expressed for the IEP. Paedophile Information Exchangea British pro-pedophilia activist group founded in 1974) and NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association(a US association in defence of paedophilia, founded in 1978). At Susie Green, managing director of the transgender children's charity Mermaidsshe was forced to admit in the programme "Newsnight"that what he had always said about the suicides of T children, irresponsibly spewed out at every opportunity (including in Parliament) was merely 'anecdotal' information. So it seems that the "siren song" is at an end.

The claims of transgender activists have crumbled under politically cross-examination - from the 1,000 or so left-wing participants in the Woman's Place UK 'Women's Liberation Conference' in February, to the Tory positions of Baroness Emma Nicholson-. Some activists such as Posie Parker (Kellie-Jay Minshull), were arrested for allegedly violating coronavirus regulations while trying to raise awareness about the assault on women's rights by transgender ideology.

While the huge strides made this year towards common sense are to be welcomed, the last 10 years of 'no debate' on the trans issue show that challenging trans ideology can still result in job losses, erasure and social ostracism. For some, like Keira Bell, the price paid because of unchallenged trans ideology has been personal and permanent.

It seems that a growing number of people have found themselves on Santa's naughty list, awakened to reality by the fact that biological sex cannot be changed by clothes or pronouns, just as a pair of Christmas antlers does not make a reindeer. All we gender heretics, 'bad' feminists and free thinkers have asked for this Christmas is for politicians to show some common sense and publicly state that a 'bad' feminist is a 'bad' feminist.woman is an adult female human being'..

Best wishes for a TERF-icante festive season!

Jo Bartosch (here the original article published by "Spikedtranslation by Emma Hamilton).

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