Zan: his law is also against "misandry" (video)

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Beastly Sunday. After learning that ILGA, the world's largest LGBT network (1,614 associations in 158 countries, including Italy).) in a statement she abusively called 'feminist'. requires lowering the age of sexual consent for minors (see here), We had to hear Mr Zan say that his bill against homobitransphobia etc. is also 'against misandry'., The term has no counterpart in reality and is part of the armoury of organised violent misogynists. This is how it went.


Following a Instagram live between Iacopo Melio and Mr Zan. -that continues to dialogue with everyone except us, undeserving of his attention, misogynistic thing in itself- a bit boring, like all discussions in which we applaud each other, I jumped up in my chair when I heard the MP say that this law can also serve against 'misandry'..

See here, from 0.45.

Now, misandry' is a bit like Pas, Parental Alienation Syndrome, an invention of separated fathers with the support of the ultra-rights, a 'syndrome' whose existence has always been scientifically disproven. That is misandry' is part of the violent verbal paraphernalia against women routinely used by the Men's Right Activists and Incel (Celibia Involuntary), borderline neo-Nazis and white supremacists, some of whom have carried out massacres, see here).

Hearing 'misandry' coming out of the mouth of a left-wing legislator leaves one stunned.. Especially if the legislator claims that his bill is 'also' against misogyny.

Use the word "Misandry' is in itself an act of war against women. It is very worrying that Mr Zan intended to express himself in this way a kind of 'draw and draw' between misogyny (which is tragically true) and 'misandry'." (which is a misogynistic invention) to affirm that its law can serve in a bidirectional way. As if the hatred of women had its natural counterpart in the hatred of men, and we do not live in a patriarchal system that makes the submission of women to men its cornerstone.

My friend Elvira Reale observes that therefore the whole Istanbul Convention should be abolished for 'misandry': in fact, Erdogan has abolished it.

Zan also added that, paradoxically, the bill also protects against heterophobic hate crimes (!)

In short, it could be called the "against homobi-transphobia, heterophobia, misogyny, misandry, ableism and -maybe, why not- disabilism". All sorts of things.

In fact the text authorises this extension/confusion talking about sex (therefore female and male, we do not have any others), gender (therefore female or male), sexual orientation (therefore homosexual, bisexual but also heterosexual and any other) as well as thegender identity, an object that in its intangibility and indefiniteness is causing palpable problems throughout the western world.

The fact that Zan so nonchalantly used the abhorrent and misogynistic 'misandry' is a sign of unawareness -to be kind- not at all reassuring when expressed by those who wish to legislate on a subject as sensitive as human sexuality. Moreover, it can only arise from a considerable degree of unawareness. such a confusing and dangerous text, eagerly awaited by many gallowsmen who - as we often read in social chats - can't wait to denounce anyone who tries to express a thought not exactly in line with the new mainstream.

There is also the risk that 'misandry' could be read as a bad calami slipthe idea that women too are basically mean to men - therefore 'misandric' - including gay men.especially when they don't always agree with you, such as on thegender identity and surrogacy.

In short, we catch them from the right and left like a punching-ball.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear: that text is all over the place.

The legitimate demand to protect homosexual and transgender people from all forms of discrimination and violence must find another legislative expression.

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