In the name of Carla Lonzi forty years after her death: politicians and activists of all parties unite in the gift of a common "unforeseen program", a horizon for a change of civilization

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“Will women always be divided from each other? Will they never form a single body?” (Olympe de Gouges, 1791) 

On the fortieth anniversary of the death of Carla Lonzi.

We are women who vote for every political party. We live in every part of the country. We belong to every social condition. We are mothers and not mothers. We have a faith, or we are agnostic, or atheist. 

Being women holds us together and the awareness that what is good for a woman and her daughters/sons is good for everyone. 

Justice for women and justice for the world are the same thing. 

In a freedom that she feels she can face, the woman also frees her son and humanitynity".

Women carry out the majority of the work needed to live, both paid and unpaid, yet poverty is a feminine noun. 

Self "the species of man expressed itself by killing, the species of woman expressed itself by working and protecting life"

It especially affects women cushion the devastating effects of wars, environmental, climate and economic crises. 

The transmission of life, respect for life, the meaning of life are women's intense experience and values that she claims"

The individual is an invention. A new, more humane and just civilization holds at its center the two of the relationship which becomes the economic and political "subject".

The relationship between the mother with the little girl and the boy is the foundation of civilization and the model of every relationship. 

The "maternal model of good authority" (Marcel Gauchet) is take care of living together, it's love for the city and the place where you live. 

Authority and care are the same thing.  

Exercising authority/care is knowing listen to the needs of the world, feeling tenderness for the world and those who live in it, is “to live up to a universe without answers”.  

The change of civilization is hindered both by liberal progressivism which promotes the logic of rightsism and makes women disappear into the neutral; both from the anti-historical project of those right-wingers who dream of restoring patriarchy by stopping female freedom. 

The female image with which man interpreted woman was his invention." 

The truth can no longer be hidden. The truth before everyone's eyes is that too many foolish men rule the world and life has become unlivable. 

We are seeing them dealing for power, always and only them, and we are dismayed. It remains in the "patriarchal culture, which is the culture of taking power."  

The world is our home and can no longer be left in their hands. 

The civilization set up by the rebellious children is uncivilized and is collapsing.

Other daughters and sons today ask for the change of civilization,but without the presence of his historical ally, the woman, the young man's anarchic experience is unrealistic”. 

For this reason, we, electors of every political party, as Olympe hoped, act as a "single body" in outlining a horizon.


The relationship between the mother and the little girl/boy - kept on the margins, despised, stigmatized as an obstacle to "productivity" - it must return to the center of human communities and guide every political program, for the good of all. 

We denounce the distortion of a motherhood paid for at the price of exclusion."

It is not a question of demography and birth rate, but of saving the world. 

Our women's bodies bring nature back to the center of the city. 

Motherhood “it was our resource of thoughts and sensations, the circumstance of a particular initiation”. 

In motherhood the woman "she sees the world as a product foreign to the primary needs of the existence that she relives”. 

The body of the woman who generates a child has founded every community and outlines a path regulated by human and natural measures. These measures indicate the limits to be taken into account in all public decisions. 

For example, they should take this into account Job contracts for women and men, as well as the production rhythms that fill and empty the places of life, first and foremost the home where small and elderly creatures should be protected. 

Today, however, these contracts are still governed by immeasurable and unjust logic of profit for a few. For many only "the small power of the consumer" (Alex Langer), provided they earn enough to exercise it.

On motherhood the first and last word is and remains with women. 

Motherhood and fatherhood have different material and symbolic presuppositions. 

Unscientific Devices and Constructs (PAS- Parental Alienation Syndrome and other formulas) normally used by fathers to take children away from their mothers must be permanently banned by the courts, just as the abstract and harmful idea of two-parenthood as an incontrovertible universal law must be critically reread.  


Economy is about nourishing, caring for and saving living bodies and the world they inhabit. 

The work necessary to live is made of paid work in the market, care work, voluntary work for the community and work for oneself as a practical regeneration of one's passions. 

Paid work in the market can no longer be the only measure.

The articulations of all the work necessary to live, with the wealth that comes from it, go registered among the analytical items of what is today defined as Gross Domestic Product. 

Some supporting initiatives can be: reduction of the number of years contributing to the pension for women involved in raising children who have provided material assistance and care to people with disabilities and illnesses; vouchers for integration with care activities; mandatory participation of female civic presence at the planning and evaluation tables of the territorial social and health care systems envisaged by the PNRR. 

“Productive” paid work can no longer even be the exclusive place of definition of identity: Young people from Generation X onwards already know this. 

It regains meaning and strength a not new idea about paid work: work less, work for everyone. Reducing paid work time also favors the end of differentiated wages to the detriment of women who today take time away from paid work to use it in care work and are penalized for this subtraction. 

Reduction of women into poverty, difficulty in accessing resources and paid work, the pay gap between women and men and exploitation of free domestic and care work are violence, as well as the exclusion and marginality of women in the governance of human communities.

The times of the market and paid work can no longer even determine the space-times of school and personal services. 

School timetables, spaces and times must be redesigned starting from real needs of girls and boys and young people and not from the logic of profit of the few. 

Girls, boys and young people are the first common good in which to invest. The working hours in the market must take this into account. 

Today, however, the spaces and times of school and education are controlled by the needs of the market.  

In the absence of extended family units to support them, the "village" that serves to raise every creature must be returned to new mothers, places where they can freely share spaces, times and experiences while escaping the loneliness that oppresses them. Every town, every city neighborhood must equip itself with these places from which real communities can re-establish themselves.


The female body is inviolable. The inviolability of the female body is the first movement for the inviolability of the body of all living things. 

Every reduction of the female body to a commodity is violence against women and also against the world. 

The rented uterus must become a universal crime, and so must the market in human gametes. There is nothing natural about prostitution. Prostitution is paid rape. Against trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls, and against the abuse of the female body to sell goods, the reads Merlin, in the direction of the Nordic abolitionist model which is bearing good fruit. 

Male violence produces a daily house-to-house massacre and will not stop until it is understood for what it is, a function of domination assumed as the regulating principle of human coexistence. 

Men's violence against women is a structural and systemic fact, a device that allows men to continue to hold power. 

The "re-education" of abusers is of little or no use. Tightening the penalties will not solve the problem. 

Every legislative initiative cannot ignore the awareness that domination is just a recent and nefarious stunt that devastates human communities. 

Things haven't always been this way, and there's no reason to think they will always be this way: patriarchy is only a parenthesis of human history, destined to end.  

Domination with all its functions - exploitation, violence, rape, speed, competition, war, unlimited profit, control of bodies - is aimposition of rebellious and fearful children. 

The world will not fall apart if man no longer has the psychological balance based on our submission"

Indeed: the world will collapse if we continue along this path. 


The misogynistic and commercial ideology of gender identity is just the new glittery face of patriarchy that doesn't want to die and that to survive it needs to erase women even in language.   

There pharmacologization and surgical manipulation of the bodies of girls and boys whose behavior does not conform to gender stereotypes - new lobotomy - is the most heartbreaking aspect of gender ideology. 

This massacre must be stopped. 

Every creature that comes into the world must be able to freely signify its existence without getting sick and without having to buy its freedom on the market. It is necessary to resume and strengthen fight against gender stereotypes. 


Cities, places of real politics, must return to being places of cooperation, mutual support and health protection. 

Covid-19 has taught us that healthcare must be re-territorialized and oriented by the idea of prevention understood as primary care and widespread and no longer from the idea of illness as a business. 

We need Health Houses in every neighborhood or urban village, in which the real, lively and continuous relationship with those who live there constitutes the first cure. 

Also necessary is the provision of "reserve" homes for health (and/or psychological or social) emergencies, intermediate structures between home and public hospitals on the model of "low intensity" structures improvised for Covid-19

The catastrophe caused by Covid-19 in RSAs has made it clear that those shelters are largely inadequate to accommodate elderly women and men who are partially or completely non-self-sufficient, and that support for families in the care and assistance of their elderly must be completely rethought, made flexible and reorganized at the level of local communities, without brutal interruption of relationships and roots in the places of life, in assisted residences with a low number of guests. 

The bodies of women and men are different: sexual difference also profoundly affects the predisposition to diseases and their evolution, the methods of prevention, diagnosis and therapy. 

It must be fully applied Plan for the application and diffusion of Gender Medicine, (which would be more appropriate to define gender or sex-specific medicine) adopted in 2019. 


THE costs of accommodation and services they must be destroyed with particular reference to the young people who today in large numbers experience the unnatural condition of having to remain in their families of origin for a long time, a condition which constitutes a loss for everyone. 

Part of these costs can be "recovered" by asking young people for a voluntary work contribution for the community in which they usually or temporarily reside.

It is necessary to think about new building types in reason of the life practices of the resident or temporary inhabitants of each neighborhood of the city. 

These new building types must be equipped with private and shared open spaces. 

Covid-19 has taught us that accommodation without spaces open to the outside (balconies, terraces) and courtyards/gardens under the house is an unhealthy building type, particularly in the case of small accommodation. 

Ours is a convivial civilization. The café downstairs exists only in Italy, a grammar of private accommodation, open public spaces and social services which is a specific character of Italian and Mediterranean civilization

In the case of accommodation already built it is possible to update them by defining, if necessary, new building regulations. 

They must be returned co-financing for energy efficiency and for the redevelopment of degraded private housing is stable, for the dignity of those who live there.


The natural disasters -environmental and climate crises, pandemic emergencies- must be understood as the way in which the world tries to heal itself from the evils caused by the excess of male Prometheanism. 

Melting glaciers, warming oceans, fires and heat waves are the product of a patriarchal system in crisis. 

The male spirit definitively entered into crisis when it unleashed a mechanism that reached the safety limit of human survival.".

It's not about saving the planet, it's about saving our species together with other species: the planet will save itself by getting rid of us, starting with our daughters and sons who have been asking us to change for some time, and where they can they already practice change.   

We know that well he who made it ill cannot heal the world.

The world demands that spaces be cleared, the pace slowed down and there be silence

Forgiveness must be asked from the other living beings so that they can welcome us back. 

The unforeseen destiny of the world lies in starting the journey again to travel it with woman as the subject"

We oppose the effectiveness of foresight and prophecy to the fallacy of numerocracy. 

The woman "sees where man no longer sees"


We hope that the parties will want to nominate women and men of good will who resist the fatalism of the transhuman or post-human project and recognize themselves in the neo-human horizon of which we have outlined some features.  

Since there is no possibility of expressing preferences, we hope that these candidates will be placed in the position of actual eligibility, and that militants, politicians and voters of all parties contribute to promoting this position. 

We will bring these candidacies to the attention of electors and voters.


Assoc. women's health, Protocollonapoli, Radfem Italia, Rua, If not now when-Sisters, Udi Nazionale, Udi Napoli, Trame, Festival of Women's Excellence-Genoa, Donne Insieme Arzano, Associazione Social Skills, Arcidonna Napoli, Catena Rosa, Udi Portici -San Giorgio-Ercolano, Donne in Quota, Committee in defense of the Victims of Trafficking and against the prosseneto culture, Magdalen Berns Association, Liberarte socio-cultural association, Association for a Europe of Peoples, Women Together Association, TerradiLei Association


With the support of many other national and international individuals and associations, among which: 

WDI (Declaration on Women's Sex–Based Rights)

WoLF - Women's Liberation Front (USA)

Witchy XX (UK)

We The Female (Quebec)

Sylviane Agacinski, France

Jennifer Lahl (Stop Surrogacy Now) USA

Rachel Moran, founder of SPACE International -Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment and author of “Rape for Hire” (Ireland)

Meghan Murphy, writer and journalist founder of Feminist Current, probably the most important gender critical feminist site (CANADA)

Marie Josèphe Devillers – co-president of CQFD lesbiennes féministes, France

Marie-Jo Bonnet, historian, feminist and writer among the founders of the Mouvement de Libération des femmes (MLF) and of Ciams, Coalition Internationale pour l'Abolition de la Maternité de Substitution (GPA), France

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