The Zan bill returns to the Senate. Just as it was. And we are ready to fight again. Just like that

Irreducibles, Zan and the PD are back in charge. With the exact same text that has already fallen in the Senate. The real goal is gender identity and education in schools. And while most of the West - from Great Britain to Sweden, Finland, Australia and Florida - is backing down on self-id after having ascertained the damage it does to women, girls and children, Italy intends to import this out-of-date product.
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War or no war, Covid or no Covid, next week in the Senate - presumably Wednesday 27th - the PD will re-submit the Zan bill. As it stands.

No objections were considered, let alone discussed.

Gender identity - the most important thing, the real cornerstone of the law - remains at the centre, with training in schools. and everything else.

The western world is in retreat after having observed the damage caused by gender self-identification and self-idstarting with thehuge increase in cases of dysphoria among minors, treated early with drugs with irreversible effects, treatments that have been suspended in the UK, in Sweden, in Finlandin various US states, in Australia -countries pioneering these cruel conversion therapies- after it occurred to have seriously damaged the health of many girls and boys: here the admission of Karolinska Hospital in Sweden.

Here, however, they insist on this path.

It is always worth remembering: treatment of minors with puberty blockers is regularly practised in Italy. The figures are not disclosed, but cases are increasing dramatically, especially among girls.

In public schools in countries that have changed their strategy, LGBT associations no longer have access. The case of the Florida, where the republican government's desire to ban queer people from entering the country in order to get families involved again, as they are now deprived of any decision on these 'educational' paths and kept in the dark about the alias careers and gender changes of daughters and sons, is vigorously opposed by the management of private companies, starting with Disney. which enjoys a sort of autonomous status there and employs 80,000 people: an absurd "class struggle' of business against the will of citizens. A capitalism woke who in support of the LGBT cause is willing to break his historic alliance with the Republicans. The story you can read it here.

Then there is everything else, which mainly concerns the women: male bodies in female sportsthe latest sensational case is that of the award-winning swimmer "Lia' Thomasin reserved areas, in shelters, in hospital wards, in prisons -where sexual harassment, rape, and even unwanted pregnancies-in the political and labour quotas, in the statistics that are recording a senseless increase in "women' rapists.

Torna al Senato il ddl Zan. Tale e quale. E noi di nuovo pronte alla lotta. Tale e quale
"Lia' Thomas

E the impossibility of calling oneself a woman, the colonisation of the female symbol, violence against language, the persecution of gender critical feminism, lhe expulsion of teachersfrom the universities: all the things we are telling you about here on a day-to-day basis.

Gender identity is this: but the senators of the left - especially the female senators - refuse to see reality and to record what is happening in the rest of the West, and are prepared to fight to import into Italy a harmful product, already expired elsewhere.

We will not stop opposing this profound injusticeagainst which women all over the world are mobilised. We will continue to propose as an alternative a law that truly defends against violence and discrimination lesbian, gay and transgender people, and is not simply a Trojan horse to introduce gender self-determination.

We want to live in a gender-free country.

Zan, die-hard, doubles. Good: we'll double too.

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