On abortion only propaganda: 'Fake amendment, good for election campaign'

The recently approved paragraph authorising pro-life associations to enter counselling centres does not actually add to or change what is already provided for in Law 194. Marina Terragni and Francesca Izzo explain. And Pro Vita also hastens to clarify: we will not enter the consultatories. The topic is good for the political clash in view of the European elections. But the law remains as it is
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E' sad to have to talk about abortion on command: abortion is a complex and painful experience for the vast majority of women. "For whose pleasure am I aborting?": Carla Lonzi summarised the issue this way. E' very sad that the subject is being agitated in the election campaign, on both sides, and that one feels obliged to say something.

In recent days thethe right proposed and pushed through with confidence an amendment to the PNRR which would authorise pro-life people to enter counselling centres; the oppositions, for their part, ride the operation by putting it at the centre of their campaign for the European elections.

Is Law 194 under attack? Should women be worried? Interviewed by the Huffington Post Marina Terragni and Francesca Izzo analysing the political 'novelty' and its possible consequences.

On abortion only propaganda. "Faux amendment, good for the election campaign".

Sull'aborto solo propaganda: "Emendamento fuffa, buono per la campagna elettorale"

"It is a a fuzzy amendment because it merely reiterates what is already guaranteed by Article 2 of law 194. It does not add and absolutely nothing changes. It will only serve as flag for the Pro Life and Family movementswho have the abolition of the 194 on the horizon, and will allow the oppositions to crucify the majority during the election campaign". Marina Terragni, a feminist journalist and writer, has no doubt that the amendment to the Pnrr dl on which the government has put its trust and whose text, signed by Lorenzo Malagola of FdI, has passed the budget committee, will not change one iota what is already explicitly provided for by law. And that is that the Regions, in organising the services of the advisory centres, may 'also make use, without new or increased burdens on the public finance, of the involvement of third sector entities that have qualified experience in maternity support".

"This is already the case,' Francesca Izzo echoes her.a historian of modern and contemporary political thought, for decades active in the field of women's rights and one of the founders of If Not Now When? "Law 194 already provides for the presence of third sector organisations in the counselling centres to assist women's choice. Then the local realities can be very different,' she explains. In the various counselling centres, in fact, there may be figures and associations with specific training, capable of providing information and supporting the woman in the choice of whether to continue or to terminate the pregnancy, 'just as there may be third sector subjects of an exclusively ideological nature, who start a terrorist campaign against the right to healthcare of a woman who wants to terminate the pregnancy'. Beyond territorial differences, the fact remains that everything is already legislatively regulated. In this sense, the intent of the amendment 'if not possibly to favour as much as possible the presence of people in counselling centres who can discourage abortion,' concludes Francesca Izzo.

Whether it is only a political manifesto, rather than a real reformis a common belief, therefore. Judging also by the reaction that the approval of the text in the budget committee provoked among the oppositions. "It is incredible how, in the very days in which the European Parliament recognises abortion as one of the rights that should be constitutionally guaranteed by the countries of the Union, the right-wing government in Italy is once again trying to limit women's freedom, allowing the regions to open the doors of the consultatories to Pro-Life associations more than they are already doing," said Marta Bonafoni, coordinator of the PD Secretariat, with responsibility for Associations and the Third Sector, and regional councillor of Lazio. "A step backwards, the umpteenth, with respect to hard-won gains obtained through years of battles, on the front of the rights and freedoms of all and everyone. Also for this reason,' she anticipates, 'I will be in piazza Montecitorio to ask to keep the objectors out of the consultatories and to really implement, rather than depotentiate, what is provided for by law 194'.

In the same vein and with the same objections were the parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement, PD secretary Elly Schlein and Riccardo Magi of +Europa: the Meloni government wants to undermine the right to abortion by allowing Pro Life anti-abortionists to enter the consultatories at a time when Europe is debating whether to include the termination of pregnancy in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, is the common thesis. "The constitutionalisation of the right to abortion is nonsense: feminism has always spoken of the right to health and health care for women who wish to terminate a pregnancy. And that is what law 194 sanctions, not the right to abortion,' Marina Terragni specifies, reiterating that 'there are no new elements in this amendment, which is only a façade'.

"There is a law in Italy that certainly cannot be changed, on matters of this kind we have always left freedom of conscience,' the deputy prime minister reassured and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, on the sidelines of a press conference in the Forza Italia headquarters. 'I think it is right that everyone behaves according to their beliefs and conscience, but we must not criminalise those who are against abortion'.

"We have no intention of entering counselling centres, because our sphere of action is public awareness and political influence with national campaigns,' said Jacopo Coghe, spokesperson for Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus, in a note.. "This does not detract from the urgency," he added, "of returning counselling centres to the role for which they were conceived by Law 194, i.e. places where women can be helped to find concrete alternatives to abortion by removing those situations of socio-economic hardship or loneliness and abandonment that make self-determination an empty political slogan, effectively reaffirming the concept of the amendment's uselessness from a legislative point of view, but loading it with political significance when he concluded: 'The amendment to the NRP goes in the right direction and the one created by the PD and 5 Stars is a polemic against the right of women in difficulty to receive help and assistance if they want to carry a pregnancy and realise their desire to be mothers'.

Linda Varlese

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