This time yes: on children's skin
Against the ruling of the Court of Cassation, which prevents the full transcription of the birth certificates of children born from rented wombs by admitting that only the biological parent is named and indicating stepchild adoption for his partner, some male couples in Milan they would be undertaking a new form of resistance: not even registering the biological parent - or both or neither - leaving the child in an administrative limbo in which, in this case yes, he would be deprived of the most basic rights, from the pediatrician to the school

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After that Prefecture of Milan, in application of one ruling of the Court of Cassation, has blocked the transcriptions of the complete birth certificates of children born on the initiative of same-sex couples - indicating the path as the transcription of only the biological parent and for his/her partner the stepchild adoption, or adoption in particular cases, perfectly legitimizing- this would be happening in the municipality of Milan, according to what was reported by the PD vice-president of the City Council, Roberta Osculati:

couples of men - or at least some couples of men– in coming to town with a baby born from a rented womb in the US or Canada, they would choose NOT to even register the biological parent. Therefore the child would not be registered in the Italian registry office, remaining with only the American or Canadian birth certificate which lists both the biological parent and his partner as fathers.

The logic is “either both or neither”: in fact, without the couple's consent, there is no way to know which of the two is the biological parent.

This means - in this case yes - that the child does not have the rights of all other children in this country: Therefore He would not have a pediatrician nor could he go to school until it has been registered at the registry office. If, however, the biological parent were registered, all these rights would be guaranteed.

This form of struggle-resistance, to force the legislator's hand for it to introduce the automatic transcription of birth certificates complete with the two fathers, it would therefore happen at the child's expense.

It is worth mentioning that stepchild adoption -institute recently amended for improvement and therefore fully legitimizing- was among the requests of the promoters of the law on civil unions: back then, it was 2016, it did not find a majority to support it. But today that the Court of Cassation has indicated it as the path for the children of "homoparental" couples, it apparently is no longer enough. On children's skin.

Marina Terragni

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