When abortion is violence
A large number of pregnancy terminations can be explained by men's irresponsibility and "escape". “For whose pleasure am I aborting?” Carla Lonzi wondered. But this male violence is never mentioned and women continue to be blamed. As the ProVitas do with their proposal to force them to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus

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Assuming that there was a need, the Hon. Maria Rachele Ruiu Of ProVita I said with the utmost frankness that forcing the woman intending to have an abortion to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus is not an acceptable proposal. This is a senseless idea, sadistic, punitive and probably unconstitutional which would probably have the only effect of encouraging clandestine abortion. Perhaps the proposal will never be discussed and will remain mere propaganda. Bad propaganda However.

Once again Women are in the crosshairs, fiercely blamed. It is true that in matters of procreation the last word can only belong to them, unless they think they can force them to carry out the pregnancy with some means of restraint (keep them in the cell? tie them to the bed until they give birth?). But it's also true that There are many external factors that weigh in the decision to have an abortion, first of these factors the position of man with which the woman conceived.

When it comes to abortion, however, men regularly disappear from the scene, just as they often disappear from women's lives. But with an empirical survey we would probably discover that perhaps in half of the cases, probably more, women abort because they don't have a man at their side who intends to become a father and they cannot afford to raise a child on their own. Most men have a comfortable idea of abortion: just a small intervention, an annoyance that avoids many other problems. The RU486 -abortion pill- has strengthened this belief: it is taken down like an anti-inflammatory and the pregnancy magically disappears. But men are never involved. Not even from ProVita.

“For whose pleasure am I aborting?” she asked herself Carla Lonzi.

A woman who finds herself forced to terminate her pregnancy due to a man's procreative irresponsibility, she is suffering violence. AND' a violence that is never spoken of, which is also ignored by women and never appears in the multifaceted list of male violence. But it is now that this silence is broken, also and not only from the pro-life front.

That the number of abortions decrease is a shared objective: the less pain the better. But fighting for this goal cannot mean fighting against women. Every move in this direction should rather be understood as support and closeness to women and not as judgment and punishment: the good work of the Milanese CAV of Paola Bonzi, appreciated even by his political opponents, even by the radicals who welcomed the award of the Ambrogino d'Oro.

It is therefore time that this unacknowledged male violence is named. Including the economic violence: for the same tasks, a woman continues to earn less than a man, on average 8 thousand euros per year in the private sector, not to mention career interruptions up to and including job loss. This also makes it very difficult to do it on your own and keep the baby if you want it.

To be credible in political work on abortion, these violences must be named.


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