Petrillo: my body doesn't count, I want to use the women's showers. And he withdraws from the World Cup in Torun for "safety" reasons
Winning races is not enough: Petrillo also claims to use the women's changing rooms after the Italian Athletics Federation decided on reserved spaces at the request of the athletes. “The state recognizes me as a woman, male genitals don't count. And then" he scoffs "it certainly won't be the first time they've seen them". In the meantime he's giving up the next World Cup for "safety" reasons.

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Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo during the masters athletics competitions in Ancona, 11-12 March 2023

A few days ago we published a report of the race of Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo in Ancona, with the reactions of the athletes beaten by his male body. The athletes clearly explained that, while respecting Petrillo's personal path, they are not athletically equal and that they feel discriminated against.

The statements released by the athletes at Feminist Post have been taken up by other newspapers, including The newspaper (here), and they provoked gods comments from Petrillo who accused those who expressed reservations about his participation in women's competitions of Nazism and xenophobia

and announced that "for reasons of safety and personal safety" he will not participate in the indoor masters world championships in Torun (Poland), 26 March-1 April 2023.

An example of the "threats" to her safety is this image of her Polish competitor Malgorzata Gąsowska who, apparently, is not resigned to being beaten.

Petrillo, who competes with the Omero Bergamo shirt, released atheninterview to the local editorial staff of Corriere della Sera in which he says: «A male athlete, in Ancona, accused me of wanting to win easily and invited me to race in his category. To all these people, I would like to point out that I respect the rules, I don't accept accusations based on nothing. I am a victim of gender hatred, as serious as xenophobia towards an athlete who is not considered Italian because he is coloured, like Paola Egonu."

Furthermore Petrillo commented on the FIDAL decision (Italian Athletics Federation) to assign him one dedicated changing room, after the request presented by 30 athletes represented by the athlete-lawyer Mariuccia Fausta Quilleri (we gave you the news here).

Petrillo himself admits to Courier of Bergamo that women's bathrooms and changing rooms "in Italy are visible", that is, there are no single showers, so you undress and wash in close contact with your teammates or opponents.

The journalist says: "There are those who have expressed discomfort in sharing the shower with a person who, at present, has the body of a man."

Petrillo's reply: «I don't think that whoever wrote that comment has ever seen male genitals. And in any case no one has ever seen me naked. I shower in my bathing suit; nor do I see women, having serious visual problems».

That is to say, as the theory of gender identity dictates, the body doesn't count, only individual desires count, it doesn't matter if they harm other people. However, even if the body doesn't matter, female athletes have already seen male genitals - says Petrillo - so what problem do they have in showering next to mine? AND to guarantee privacy to female athletes, her low vision would be enough.

The problem of male bodies in female spaces is therefore not easily solved by dedicating a separate space to trans people. We need to get to the heart of the matter, recognizing the importance of the body and sexual difference.

An individual sensation cannot be considered more important than the reality of bodies. And the legal recognition of "sex change" - while keeping the sex intact - only complicates the problem.

The theme of gender self-determination will be fundamental at the next ones American elections -as the Republicans have well understood, but also Hillary Clinton-, and Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish independence government has already fallen on the Self ID law.

Which path will Italian politicians take?

Maria Celeste

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