GenerAzioneD, Italian association of parents of minors who define themselves as 'trans', is founded

A guidance and information site to support and accompany mothers and fathers going through this complex experience: testimonies, interviews, and links to contribute to an in-depth debate that today does not find space in the mainstream media
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The cultural, apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit association was established GenerAtionD

The primary aim of the association is to inform about the issues of gender dysphoria/incongruence in children, adolescents and young adults. Through the dissemination of testimonies, news, national and international articles in translation and the promotion of opportunities for discussion, GenerAtionD aims to foster the transparency necessary to ensure the best possible care for those affected. 

GenerAtionD was in fact the result of the meeting of a number of parents united by the experience of having children who, often overnight and without any manifestation in childhood, identified themselves as transgender. 

The association opposes all forms of discrimination and today welcomes all those who are interested - on a personal and/or professional level - in learning about and sharing news about a phenomenon that is growing exponentially, promoting the provision of its members' experience and/or skills (legal, medical, organisational, communicative, etc.) with a view to fostering the development of an informed, aware and constructive debate. To do this, it is necessary to return to asking questions.

What is gender dysphoria?

A condition of great psychic distress characterised by a marked and persistent feeling of incongruence between the perceived gender and one's biological sex.

Understanding what it has become, how it is presented and addressed with regard to children, adolescents and young adults is the reason for the birth of GenerActionD and its channels.

From Generation Z to Generation D?

Gender Dysphoria', formerly 'Gender Identity Disorder', has always affected a very small percentage of the adult and predominantly male population - 0.005-0.014% - and was characterised by an infantile onset. 

In recent years, with the numerical explosion of adolescents turning to gender clinics, everything has changed.

In 2018, the Tavistock Clinic in London - the only public centre dedicated to the treatment of minors and an international reference point until July 2022, when it was decided to close it following the criticalities found by a independent audit -, recorded a 4400% increase in applications from girls compared to the previous decade. 

The increase in cases, the reversal of the composition from predominantly male to predominantly female, the change in age of onset from childhood to puberty/adolescence and the frequent absence of manifestations in childhood have occurred throughout the western world.

Faced with such substantial changes, many members of the scientific community consider the explanations of those who would like to justify them solely by greater openness and acceptance by society to be unsatisfactory. Indeed, even if one were to ignore the exponential increase in numbers, the shift in prevalence from male to female, the change in the age of onset and the absence of manifestations in childhood would still remain unjustified.

You will find these and many other questions on the website of GenerAtionD. The answers are not always simple or unambiguous, but perhaps, in order to understand such a complex phenomenon, it is necessary to begin by admitting that there are major gaps in research and studies, major divisions in the international scientific community, and that a lot of news  do not reach the general public. Some important signs of change in this regard are coming, for example with the publication of an article in the New York Times  where the risks of using pubertal blockers are finally recognised for young people with gender dysphoria. Another weighty report is that of Reuteurs, 'Why detransitioners are fundamental to the science of gender care'. Through a wide selection of national and international articles in translation, testimonials, interviews, links to  documentaries and others organisations GenerAtionD hopes to contribute to the creation of an informed debate in a society that guarantees adults the freedom to make informed decisions and young people the freedom to grow up and mature to make their own choices without the burden of early experimental medical treatment.

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