Self-certification of gender, womb for rent: this is what the Zan bill is for. Said clearly from the stage in Milan
Marilena Grassadonia - Rainbow Families, Italian Left - clarifies this definitively in her speech at the demonstration in favor of the Zan bill: the real objectives are self-certification of gender and the right to a rented womb. Here, already ready, is the bill on self-id

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Yesterday from the stage in the square in Milan in support of the Zan bill, Marilena Grassadonia - former president of Famiglie Arcobaleno, for a few weeks national responsible for Rights and freedoms for anti-discrimination policies of Sinitra Italiana - stated that “the Zan bill is just the beginning.

The Zan law” has explained "it is a law of perspective that looks to the future“. And after the Zan law on the LGBTQ agenda there is “law 40, which leaves behind single women who cannot access assisted fertilization. We want the revision of the now ancient law 164/82 on transition paths (i.e. obtaining free gender self-certification, ed.). We want a season of rights in which we talk about Pma (assisted insemination) and Gpa (womb for rent), and the recognition of the sons and daughters of rainbow families. The Zan bill is just the beginning“. (the whole speech here, these statements starting from minute 6).

This is the program, greeted with thunderous applause, and Grassadonia did very well to clarify this unequivocally. His sincerity is very appreciable. The approval of the Zan bill, which introduces gender identity, means embarking on this path.

As for theuterus for rent or gestation for others: MP Nicola Fratoianni, same party as Grassadonia, is already among the signatories of a proposal for the so-called "solidarity" GPA, which among its effects would have precisely that of promote recognition as parents of all clients, "solidarity" or "commercial".

As for the law 164/82, updated by subsequent sentences: the law regulates the issue of registry correction for transsexual people (in simple words, the name change) and outlines the path to obtain it. Throughout the West the LGBTQ movement instead pushes strongly in the direction of free self-certification of the gender, in absolute self-determination, with a simple registry or notarial deed and without a path regulated by appraisals and sentences. Italy is no exception, and why should it? Gender self-certification or self-id is already law in some countries, such as Ireland, Argentina, part of Canada and Malta - but it was denied after a long debate in Great Britain– and has amply demonstrated that he has a strong negative impact on the lives of women, girls and boys (In the Feminist Post you will find dozens of examples of what we are saying).

Lhe words of Marilena Grassadonia therefore finally confirm that the concept of gender identity, at the center of the Zan law, is nothing but the forerunner to the reform of law 164/82 to arrive at the self-id, despite the repeated denials of the signatories starting from Zan himself. After all, one already exists platform for an MIT bill, Trans Identity Movement, which calls for the introduction of self-id in Italy. The proposal reads among other things:

This setting involves a radical paradigm shift. The request disappears
of the individual, be it to judicial or administrative bodies, and the consequent procedure
authorization. What is relevant is the self-affirmation of a stable connection with the gender to which one belongs
feels like he belongs
, connection formally attested by the individual who needs the
correction of registry records, through a solemn declaration received from the public
(…) the self-determination model has visible advantages:
• is based on one accessible and simplified procedure, which minimizes obligations
• reduces or eliminates the need to integrate a series of merit requirements, such as relative ones
to mental health, age, or those of a social, economic or family nature
• recognizes that trans and intersex people (to which it would be appropriate to add non-
binary) they are the sole arbiters of their own kind, without the need for scrutiny by
third parties or public authorities
(you can read the entire bill here).

Whatever you think about self-id (and the vast majority of Italians, as seen here, he thinks badly of it or shows that she is not adequately informed) is it is intolerably anti-democratic to remain silent on what is the true content in progress of the Zan bill against homobitransphobia, i.e. free gender self-certification. The very sensitive topic, which concerns everyone because it has to do with human sexuation, it must be explained and widely debated by citizens, and for as long as it takes.

The right protection of the dignity of homosexual and transsexual people can be ensured with a law that does not promote gender identity - as do most European legislation - which, where affirmed by laws, has already proven to produce great injustices for women , girls and boys.

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