Self-certification of gender, uterus for rent: this is what the Zan bill is for. Clear words from the stage in Milan

Marilena Grassadonia -Famiglie Arcobaleno, Sinistra Italiana- made it clear in her speech at the pro-del Zan demonstration: the real objectives are gender self-certification and the right to the uterus for rent. Here is the proposed law on self-id.
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Yesterday from the stage in the square in Milan in support of the Zan ddl, Marilena Grassadonia -former president of Famiglie Arcobaleno, since a few weeks responsible for national rights and freedom for anti-discrimination policies of Sinitra Italiana. stated that "the Zan ddl is only the beginning".

"Zan law" explained "is a forward-looking law that looks to the future". And after the Zan law in the Lgbtq agenda is ".Law 40, which leaves behind single women who cannot access assisted reproduction. We want a revision of the now antiquated law 164/82 on transitional paths. (i.e. free self-certification of gender, ed.). We want a season of rights where we talk about Pma (assisted reproduction) and Gpa (uterus for rent)and the recognition of sons and daughters of rainbow families. The Zan bill is just the beginning.". (the whole intervention herethese statements from minute 6 onwards).

The programme is this, greeted by thunderous applause, and Grassadonia did the right thing to make this very clear. His sincerity is very much appreciated. The approval of the Zan bill, which introduces gender identity, means embarking on this path.

As for theuterus for rent or gestation for others: MP Nicola Fratoianni, the same party as Grassadonia, is already among the signatories of a proposal for a so-called 'solidarity' GPAone of the effects of which would be precisely that of Promote recognition as parents of all principals, whether 'solidarity' or 'commercial'.

As for the law 164/82, updated by subsequent judgments: the rule regulates the question of civil registry office rectification for transgender people (in simple terms, the name change) and outlines the path to achieve it. Throughout the West The LGBT movement, on the other hand, is pushing strongly in the direction of free self-certification of gender, in absolute self-determination, with a simple registry or notarial act and without a path regulated by expert opinions and judgments. Italy is no exception, and why should it be? Self-certification of gender or self-id is already law in some countries, such as Ireland, Argentina, parts of Canada and Malta - it was, however, denied after a long debate in Great Britain- and has amply demonstrated that it has a strong negative impact on the lives of women, girls and children (in the Feminist Post you will find dozens of examples of what we are talking about).

Lhe words of Marilena Grassadonia thus finally confirm that the concept of gender identity, which is at the heart of the Zan law, is only the forerunner of the reform of law 164/82 in order to arrive at self-id, despite the repeated denials of the signatories, starting with Zan himself. There is already, after all, a platform for a proposed MIT law, Trans Identity Movement, which calls for the introduction in Italy of self-id. The proposal states, inter alia:

"This approach involves a radical paradigm shift. The request disappears
of the individual, whether to judicial or administrative bodies, and the consequent
authorisation. What is relevant is the self-affirmation of a stable connection with the gender to which one is
feels it belongs
connection formally attested by the individual requiring the
correction of master data, through a solemn declaration received from the public
(...) the self-determination model has visible advantages:
- is based on a accessible and simplified procedure, which minimises compliance
- reduces or eliminates the need to integrate a number of merit requirements, such as those relating to
mental health, age, or social, economic or family issues
- recognises that trans and intersex people (to which it would be appropriate to add the non
binary) are the only arbitrators of their kind, without the need for scrutiny by
third parties or public authorities
(You can read the whole bill here).

Whatever one thinks of self-id (and the vast majority of Italians, as seen here, thinks badly of it or shows that it is not adequately informed) is It is intolerably undemocratic to maintain silence on what is the real in-progress content of Zan's bill against homobi-transphobia, namely free self-certification of gender. This is a very sensitive subject, which concerns everyone and everyone because it has to do with human sexuality, should be explained and widely debated by citizens, and for as long as it takes.

The proper protection of the dignity of homosexual and transgender people can be ensured by a law that does not promote gender identity - as is the case with most European legislation - which, where it is affirmed by law, has already proven to produce great injustice for women, girls and children.

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