Open letter to Schillaci, Minister of Health: medically assisted procreation does not increase the birth rate. Indeed, it is among the causes of the demographic winter
Free homologous fertilization and 1500 euro ticket for the heterologist: the minister announces new measures that would help stem the birth crisis. But it is the exact opposite: the more the illusion of being able to postpone the birth of a child ad libitum is fueled - the results of MAP are poor: in more than 8 out of 10 cases it fails - the fewer children will be born. There is only one path: the prevention of infertility. Starting with correct information against the propaganda of the reproductive biomarket

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Dear Minister Schillaci,

   we learn from press news That from next January 1st the National Health Service will provide the homologous fertilization service free of charge and has established a ticket for heterologous fertilization -of regional competence- which should be around 1500 euros.

The provision would, according to him, fall within the measures against the birth rate in our country: less than 400 thousand born in 2022, the lowest number since the unification of Italy to date.

Actually, as the statistician and demographer Roberto Volpi explains, not only does PMA not increase the birth rate but rather it increases the birth rate, contributing to producing it. 

In a article published by The paper (31 July 2023, Since babies were born in test tubes, births in Italy have plummeted. And it is not a case) Volpi observes that from the entry into force of law 40 (and subsequent amendments) on medically assisted procreation “Births in Italy have collapsed to the catastrophic rate of one in three (…). The PMA "has delayed the moment in which the problem of having a child arises concretely, effectively" but when one decides to resort to reproductive technologies in the "extra time" the results are disappointing to say the least: "less than 17 percent, one in 6 women" will leave "the PMA casino with a child".

In essence, PMA is not a cure for infertility "And indeed, there is reason to believe that it only increases it” resolving “in a dilatory practice of human sexual reproduction” which gives “theillusion of a fertility time (...) outside the maximum time" making us forget "that sexuality has its point of greatest connection with fertility in the young age of women".

Not to mention the fact that PMA poses risks to women's health, subjected to repeated cycles of ovarian stimulation, and also for that of the unborn: a growing number of studies now demonstrate that children born by ART - all techniques - run a "statistically significant" greater risk of developing pathologies, including oncological ones.

The path of MAP should therefore be discouraged and not facilitated, while the percentage of children born this way in recent years has risen from 1 to 4 percent.

To reverse the birth rate decline, yes if anything, it is about working as a priority on the prevention of infertility, identifying and implementing all necessary measureseducational, cultural, social, health - against the factors that discourage or force young women to postpone their first and often only pregnancy: courses in schools on reproductive health, aimed above all at combating propagandistic and deceptive narrative of the biomarket which guarantees children well beyond childbearing age; measures to support female employment: as demonstrated, having a job encourages women to pursue their desire for motherhood (il “double yes”); sanctions for employers that penalize and/or fire new mothers; welfare, services and economic subsidies suitable for young families; revaluation of the maternal figure, the linchpin of every human civilization, which has been under attack for too long.

As regards the curve ofMale infertility is progressively and constantly increasing, the main prevention measures consist of fight against environmental pollution (pesticides, endocrine disruptors, such as - just to mention a few - the phthalates contained in commonly used products, the dioxin which poisons milk and its derivatives, theOctylphenol and Nonyphenol contained in detergents and cleaning products) and the fight against excess electrosmog, in addition to the correction of lifestyles.

If we really intend to give back to young women and young men the possibility of becoming mothers and fathers by freely realizing their desires and thus contributing to putting an end to the demographic winter, the main path is the prevention of infertility starting with correct information on the illusory nature of the reproductive biomarket offer.

Confident that it can find in our reflections useful ideas for your high mandate, we await your kind response.   

Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body

RadFem Italy

Finaargit (International Feminist Network Against all Artificial Reproduction, Gender Ideology and Transhumanism)

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