21 September 2023

Open letter to Health Minister Schillaci: medically assisted procreation does not increase the birth rate. On the contrary, it is among the causes of the demographic winter

Free homologous fertilisation and a €1,500 ticket for heterologous fertilisation: the minister announces new measures that would help stem the birth crisis. But it is the exact opposite: the more we feed the illusion of being able to postpone the birth of a child ad libitum - the results of PMA are poor: in more than 8 out of 10 cases it fails - the fewer children will be born. There is only one way: infertility prevention. Starting with correct information against the propaganda of the reproductive biomarket
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Dear Minister Schillaci,

   we learn from PRESS NEWS which from next 1 January, the National Health Service will provide homologous fertilisation services free of charge and has set a co-pay fee for heterologous fertilisation -of regional competence- which should be around EUR 1500.

The provision would, according to him, fall within the measures against the birth rate in our countryless than 400,000 births in 2022, the lowest number since the unification of Italy.

In reality, As statistician and demographer Roberto Volpi explains, not only does PMA not increase the birth rate, it actually increases the birth rate, contributing to it. 

In a article published by The Sheet (31 July 2023, Since test tube babies have been born, births in Italy have plummeted. And it is no coincidence) Volpi notes that since the entry into force of Law 40 (as amended) on medically assisted procreation "births in Italy have plummeted to the catastrophic extent of one in three (...). The PMA 'has delayed the moment when one concretely, factually poses the problem of having a child' but When the decision is made in the 'extra time' to resort to reproductive technologies, the results are disappointing to say the least: 'less than 17 per cent, one in six women' will 'come out of the PMA casino with a child'.

In essence, PMA is not a cure for infertility "e one has indeed reason to believe that it will only increase it" resulting in "a dilatory practice of human sexual reproduction" that gives "theillusion of a fertile time (...) out of time'. making us forget 'that sexuality has its greatest point of conjunction with fertility in women's youth'.

Not to mention the fact that PMA carries risks for women's health, undergoing repeated ovarian stimulation cycles, and also for that of the unborn: a growing number of studies now show that children born of PMA -all techniques- run a 'statistically significant' increased risk of developing diseases, including cancer.

The path of PMA should therefore be discouraged and not facilitated, while the percentage of children born this way in recent years has risen from 1 to 4 per cent.

To reverse the denatality process, one It is, if anything, a matter of working on infertility prevention as a priority, identifying and implementing all necessary measures -educational, cultural, social, health - against factors that discourage or force young women to postpone their first and often only pregnancy: courses in schools on reproductive health, aimed above all at combating the misleading propaganda narrative of the biomarket which guarantees children well beyond the childbearing age; measures to support female employment: as proven having a job encourages women to pursue their desire for motherhood (the 'double yes'); sanctions for employers that penalise and/or dismiss new mothers; welfare, services and economic benefits appropriate for young families; revalorisation of the mother figure, the pivot of every human civilisation, which has been under attack for too long.

As for the curve of the'Male infertility steadily increasingmain prevention measures consist of combating environmental pollution (pesticides, endocrine disruptors, such as - just to mention a few - phthalates in commonly used products, dioxin poisoning of milk and its derivatives, theOctylphenol and Noniphenol contained in detergents and cleaning products) and the combating excessive electrosmog, in addition to lifestyle correction.

If one really intends to give young women and men back the chance to become mothers and fathers by freely realising their desire and thus helping to end the demographic winter, the main road is the prevention of infertility, starting with correct information on the illusory nature of the reproductive biomarket.

Confident that it can find in our reflections useful insights for your high mandate, we look forward to your kind reply.   

Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body

RadFem Italy

Finaargit (International Feminist Network Against all Artificial Reproduction, Gender Ideology and Transhumanism)

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