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Surrogacy, gender identity, motherhood: on many issues, the positions of the leader who now looks to the premiership coincide with those of feminism, snubbed by the left. What to do in the face of this challenge? Can the women's movement dialogue with the right?
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Giorgia Meloni could become the first woman prime minister in our country.

She no longer hides her ambition, and if she does the right things - or rather, if she doesn't do the wrong things - by next spring, and if she manages to escape the friendly fire burstsno less intense and insidious than the enemy's, will be able to achieve its goal, having only herself to thank as well as the mistakes of his opponents: no one has co-opted her -see here- she has no taskmaster to answer to, she has done everything on her own, with intelligence and determination.

There are many variablesstarting with the possibility that the centre-right does not present a united front this time. elections. The evolution of the ukraine situation and even the result of the elections of midterm in November in the United States, which could see the Biden administration in serious trouble: the American Republicans are looking at Meloni with interest and appreciation But the road is now outlined and the Fratelli d'Italia Programme Conferencenot surprisingly organised in Milan and open to 'external' contributions, formally kicked off the game.

As far as Carla Lonzi was very clear against "Marxism" which "sold us to the hypothetical revolution".and although the dialectic between the women's movement and the left has always been rather complex, there can be no doubt that Historically, feminism is rooted in a left that was the first to take on the so-called 'women's question', by opening up to the inclusion of women in politics and parties, including right-wing parties: feminism has paved the way for them too.

For some time, however, the left has broken off its interlocution with feminism -in particular with feminism gender critical- dumping women as old and obsolete subjects in favour of new and postmodern ones clients in the horizon of sexual fluidity, proceeding to more inclusive up to dateThe equal opportunities offices in the institutions are now mainly dedicated to LGBT rights.

Closed doors, impatience, refusal of dialogue on all sensitive issues, from the Zan bill, which the PD has in recent days resubmitted as it stands to the Senate, to theuterus for rentWith a few exceptions -Stefano Fassina, Valeria Valente, the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori- it is considered an acceptable practice, despite the fact that at the time we had laboriously managed to extort the no of the former PD secretary Zingaretti, and also that of Roberto Gualtieri, current mayor of Rome, who then, in perfect coherence, appointed as responsible for rights The Queen of Gender Marilena Grassadonia, honorary president of Famiglie Arcobaleno.

But also on non-sensitive - in fact very sensitive - topics such as the war on motherhood which largely explains our formidable denatality, the attention of the left has long been scarce, intermittent and poorly focused.

It was a blow to the heart to hear Giorgia Meloni state that "The real goal of gender ideology is not the much-vaunted fight against discrimination, nor is it overcoming the difference between male and female. The real undeclared objective is the disappearance of the woman as a mother. Eugenia Roccella explained this with extraordinary lucidity and power," he added, "which opened my mind to something I had not fully focused on. The indifferential individual that gender theory tends towards is not so indifferential, he is male. Man can be everything today: father, mother, male, female, the words most censored by political correctness are woman and mother. It is female identity that is under siege because the extraordinary symbolic power of motherhood is being destroyed.".

And again: see you take a stand in support of the British lecturer Kathleen Stock -dwhose case we have written about many times-"feminist and lesbian who was forced to leave her chair at the University of Sussex" because of persecution by transactivists. "The first victims of gender ideology are women, whatever their sexual orientation. Is it possible that the single thought does not understand this?".

Are you aware of such a statement by a left-wing MP?

And seeing you sign a proposed law on surrogacy -may soon be scheduled in the Chamber of Deputies- that coincides with our request to make it a universal crime - a proposal rejected by the PD and Leu.

We are also certain that on many other issues - starting with the tragedy of the girls and boys gender nonconforming early hormone therapies, unprecedented medical scandal- Meloni would support our battle.

So what to do?

What position to take in the face of the irresistible rise of what most of us consider to be a political adversary but who on a large package of issues - those which, in essence, outline the transhuman project - could promote and support our agenda in full. from a position of considerable strength - never so much for a woman in the institutions?

Questions that cannot be further delayed. Together with another one: who will we vote for in the next general election? With which forces do we have the possibility to interact effectively, helping to shape the agenda?

For those of us - not many, but there are some - who support the right, there can be no doubt: Giorgia's challenge must be supported. But what about the others? They can continue, in coherence with their own lives, to support a left that has literally wiped them out?

Here I begin to say my hope and wish: that those of us who share these objectives may wish to do so. freely run for office in all forces of the parliamentary arc, creating an effective informal network. We can no longer afford not to have interlocutors within the representative institutions. The challenge is very difficult, it requires that we find the strength to bargain with the parties for certain positions and then to support them. But more than once we have been able to face seemingly impossible challenges, and it is good to equip ourselves to try.

As for Giorgia: if it knows how to win its political challenge, keep itself open to dialogue and try to 'entangle' it in the network. As we are seeing, on so many issues, there will be no struggle.

Marina Terragni

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