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What would the writer, who asks to scrap the old Merlin law to "regularize" "sex work", think if the prostitute was a woman dear to him? Don't you know that prostitution is almost exclusively trafficking and regularization is a godsend for pimps and mafiosi? Don't you know the abolitionist model, already in force in many civilized countries? Doesn't he know that what he calls "work" is enormous female suffering? Why does it give men the right to rape for money? Why doesn't he study and listen to women before speaking? Where does he get so much misogyny from?

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I was once in a recording studio for a debate on prostitution. Of course he called himself -not me- sex work, which made everything more acceptable and modern. There was a well-known and beautiful prostitute from Bologna, someone who prostituted herself online, there was talk of "sexual assistance to disabled people". They so free and up to date, they had entrusted me with the task of representing the sad counterpart of bigoted moralism. It didn't go well for him at all, I managed to free myself from the hypocrisy of dialectical traps.

At a certain point I asked the cameramen, the lighting technicians, the electricians if they would be happy if their sister (or daughter, or mother, or friend) was a prostitute. Of course no one would be. But they didn't see anything so strange in the fact that men had women available to their desires. Definitely, they were trying to save goat and cabbage: the goat is the supposed one male right to dispose of female flesh for a fee for unloading sex, or to forget frustrations or to exercise one's dominance (the three things are not necessarily alternatives); cabbages are a another right, that of having one's honor safe, common currency in exchanges between men.

So your sister yes, mine no.

I would like to ask the same question to Roberto Saviano, That he wrote in favor of the regularization of prostitution: what if it was your sister, the prostitute? I am ready to bet on an ideological answer, of the series: if it is his desire... as long as it is a free choice...

When he talks about women Saviano doesn't find one. In 2017 he complained that "selfish" Italian women didn't donate eggs for the assisted reproduction market. Net of the fact that it is about buying and selling and not as a gift, and he should know how to use words, if the male seed is designed to detach naturally and pleasantly from the body, the female gametes must remain in the womb, in the dark and at that temperature. To get them out of there - risking creating, as you should know, serious health problems for any unborn child - you need hormonal stimulations that make you feel bad -even very badly- the woman who undergoes it, in addition to the surgery necessary for extraction. I don't know if he would be happy if his sister generously offered her eggs, risking getting sick and ending up in the operating room - not to mention the psychological issues, which should be obvious.

Now he writes in support of an alleged "free sex work" and calls for the regularization of prostitution and the reform of the "old" Merlin law.

Roberto Saviano does not lead a good life, and everything is forgiven. But his misogyny is unforgivable.

It should not be difficult to imagine, for him or for any man, the disgust a woman feels for men who pay to rape her; the drugs and substances he takes down for being able to tolerate those hands and those genitals and those mouths "free" to do anything to her, and the annihilation of her desire, she is paid so much; drugs and substances that very often she will continue to take even after she has stopped prostituting herself so as not to go out of her mind.

Have you heard, Roberto Saviano, about "our" Adelina? Of his terrible life, and his death? Don't you think it's time men stopped doing so much harm to women?


But let's leave it at that, maybe no man can reach similar levels of empathy. Let's stay on the level of his undeniable skills: have you heard of the fact that regulating prostitution, as they did in Germany, and throwing open the door to sex slave trafficking are the same thing? Of the fact that prostitution is almost all trafficking, where have they regularised?

It seems to him to be in good taste to say what he said in a time when women's associations and humanitarian groups are mobilized to prevent women and children fleeing from Ukraine from ending up in the hands of pimps?

German “customers” are eagerly awaiting fresh meat from Ukraine

He knows it or not - he should be quite expert on the subject - that do mafias all over the world do business with female flesh? And not only to prostitute her, but also to produce children for a fee? Do you know that there are girls in the world kidnapped at 12 years old who have already faced 6 pregnancies in exchange for a bed and a meal? And many more thrown into the street to be torn to pieces by passing males? Do you know that in German brothels a very popular practice is urinating on visibly pregnant girls? Where do you see rights here? Where is the freedom?

But where the hell does he live, Roberto Saviano? The only one paternalism -of which he complains- are the many, many fathers of families who rape girls picked up at night on the pavements or who go to Thailand to sodomize boys: do you know or not that Italians are the biggest sexual tourists in the world? Its "sex workers" who would like to decriminalize the exploitation of prostitution - the Consulta has already responded that the Merlin law is fine as it is - are mostly pimps and pimps in turn: do you know this?

Rachel Moran, ex-prostitute, and her “Rape for hire”

Saviano knows the abolitionist model - with customers being punished - already in force in the High North, in Canada, in France? All slaves of "longa manus of the Vatican”, as he writes about Italy with extraordinary vulgarity? Have you noticed that thousands and thousands of women are mobilizing for the importation of this model, especially in Spain at the moment, where the game has been open for some time? Why don't you see them? Why don't you listen to them? Has read Ingeborg Kraus on the “trauma of prostitution”? He tried to take a look at The Pretty woman myth. How the sex industry lobby peddles prostitution to us by Julie Bindel? Has read Rape for hire by Rachel Moran, that tells directly what prostitution is? Does he study, inform himself, before filling us with his radicaloid chatter?

OR the lives of women, their fatigue, their misery - because it is poverty that explains prostitution, I hope there is no doubt about this, and about the fact that women are much poorer than men - aren't they worth a tenth of the attention he has dedicated to his chosen topics?

In summary: why doesn't Roberto Saviano go breaststroking?

Marina Terragni

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