The Espresso cover is perfect
The cover of L'Espresso is good journalism, because it definitively clarifies that the true objective of the Zan law is gender identity, towards free self-certification or self-id. Citizens have the right to know. And to discuss it for as long as it takes

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The cover of theExpressed it is perfect because it provides excellent information on the Zan bill, more than many editorials, TV broadcasts and Zoom meetings, hitting the target perfectly: a pregnant woman - only women get pregnant - who identifies as a man, has undergone a double mastectomy - noticeable scars - and takes testosterone - beard and body hair -. That woman will demand to be defined."man giving birth", will accuse of misgendering and of transphobia anyone who says, possibly at the risk of being prosecuted (it has already happened around the world) that only women give birth. It is enough simply to say that women have vaginas to get into trouble: here the last episode.

The cover of theExpressed it is perfect because it illustrates the true core of the Zan bill, gender identity: not two boys holding hands or two women kissing, but a "trans man" who apparently will no longer be able to breastfeed, but will be able to give birth because he has kept his female reproductive organs intact. Maybe, if I can, instead of a drawing I would have chosen a photograph, but modesty is understandable.

Just a week ago in Milan from the stage of the pro-dl Zan demonstration Marilena Grassadonia, leader of Famiglie Arcobaleno as well as rights manager of the Italian Left, clarified that the Zan law is only the beginning of the path to arrive at the reform of law 164/82 (i.e. free gender self-certification, the legal platform is already ready) and free access to rented wombs (see here). No one has denied it, starting with Zan himself. After all, this is being tried all over the world, including Europe: in Spain, where the debate on the Ley Trans rages, in Germany, where on May 19 the Bundestag will discuss a bill on self-id. With one significant difference: elsewhere the objective is explicit, here everything is done not to discuss it openly. For this reason the cover ofExpressed it's a great step forward.

The cover is journalistically perfect for another reason: it gives acorrect information on transitions. In fact, he chooses a FtM trans, from woman to man, today the 75-80% of transitions between minors: these are girls and boys who try to escape the apparent misery of being a woman in a world of oppressive males ("escape from the burning house") “identifying” with the oppressor: it is the extreme, last and definitive stage of emancipationism (see here). Surgery also mainly concerns girls: in 9 cases out of 10 MtF trans men, from man to woman, keep their body and genitals intact, while FtM girls almost always have a mastectomy and take hormones.

A couple of weeks ago we published about The print a crowdfunded survey that focused on gender identity (see here) that he recorded the opposition of the majority of citizens. What does the Zan bill have to do with gender self-certification? The cover of theExpressed makes it definitively clear: gender identity, as we have always said, is the cornerstone of the law, the essential point together with the day of celebration against homobitransphobia in schools of all levels (without the need for consent from individual parents) e to LGBTQ education.

In those courses there will be very little talk about homosexual love. There will be no screening of films about love between women and men - like the splendid ones Portrait of the young woman on fire or Moonlight-. We will mainly talk about gender identity: in fact, we are already talking about it. We will talk about career alias And gender variance (i.e. the possibility of being called by the name of the chosen gender and not the registered one): indeed, this has been talked about and has been done for some time, see for example the school guidelines "for children and adolescents with gender variance" developed by the Lazio Region. To the little ones, as in Canada, perhaps Gegi will be introduced (see here) The magical unicorn who will accompany them to discover theirs gender identity And gender expression (slogan: don't tell mom and dad, tell Gegi).

We will talk about a rented womb, which is still a great business to promote together with the surgery and hormones market. On the contrary, there is already a lot of talk about it in Italian schools with dedicated grand tours. So: the cover is very goodExpressed, which sweeps away all doubts. Zan law is one of the main gateways to transhuman or posthuman civilization.

It can be a beautiful thing, or not. What is certain, it must be discussed, at length and in depth, it cannot be the hasty decision of a few imposed on the unaware majority. In Great Britain where there has been a lot of talk about it, the vast majority of citizens have said no to self-id (94 percent against, according to the survey The Times) and LGBT training in schools is no longer carried out. In Sweden, after having started the transition of thousands of girls and boys a few weeks ago, they decided to ban puberty blockers.

So the cover of theExpressed That contributes to clarity.

Marina Terragni

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