ILGA, the global LGBT+ cartel, calls for lowering the age of sexual consent for minors. And abusively calls its demand "feminist".

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25 years after the Beijing World Conference on Women, ILGA -the largest global LGBT+ network- proposes an 'update'. (including gender identity and all the things we already know and don't go into here, Feminist Post has been talking about it far and wide) but especially with the request to lower the age of sexual consent for minors.

The age of sexual consent is different from country to country: for example in Italy it is surprisingly low, 14 years, in the UK it rises to 16, in the USA, with differences from state to state, it reaches 18 years. But the document produced by ILGA is global and, as you can read, proposes to "eliminate all laws that punish or criminalise homosexual relations, gender affirmation (...) or limiting the exercise of bodily autonomy, including laws restricting the legal consent of adolescents"(see point 14 a).

ILGA, cartello mondiale Lgbtq+, chiede l'abbassamento dell'età del consenso sessuale per le-i minori. E chiama abusivamente la sua richiesta "femminista"

Immediate Lgb Alliance reaction, homosexual organisation which, by breaking away from the Stonewall cartel, wanted to escape the imperativeness of the transcult: "This is confusing. The ILGA Declaration signed by Stonewall does call for an end to legal restrictions on adolescents' consent to sex. UN & WHO do define adolescence as age 10-19. If you now regret having endorsed this policy, please clarify"(This is confusing. The ILGA Declaration signed by Stonewall calls for an end to legal restrictions on teenage sexual consent. The United Nations and the World Health Organisation define adolescence as the age between 10 and 19. If you do not want to find yourself regretting having supported this policy proposal, please clarify".

Also gender critical feminism is mobilising against this proposal. All the more so because the ILGA Declaration is presented as a 'Feminist Declaration', see here), and this is the other puzzling point of the document.

Nowhere in the world has a feminist group or association put on its political agenda a demand to lower the age of sexual consent for minors. This request may appeal to sexual predators, not to feminists. Lowering the age of sexual consent for minors cannot therefore be defined as a feminist objective and ascribed to feminists. The feminist goal, if anything - ever more urgent - is to protect the bodies of the girls and boys that women have given birth to from sexual, pharmacological and surgical abuse and from the pressing indoctrination by queer transactivists. that all over the western world are asking to be allowed into schools, and increasingly they are entering them comfortably, including Italy, to do their work as confusing propaganda on gender identity, surrogacy and all other issues of the ARF umbrella.

So no declaration calling for the lowering of sexual consent for minors can be called 'feminist' unless it is abused. Using feminism as a fig leaf to cover and promote male interests -in this specific case, the interests of abusive males- is an unacceptable and now common practice.

The Zan's bill against homobitransphobia (which, it should be noted, has nothing to do with this despicable ILGA request), resorts to the tactic of promoting itself as a feminist, defining itself as "also" against misogyny, without any feminist group or association in Italy (NONE) ever requesting or allowing it. So without respecting women's self-determination.

Many Italian organisations are members of ILGA. It would be desirable for these organisations to clarify whether they support this objective or distance themselves from it.

Here are the Italian organisations in ILGA (it should be noted that ILGA has recently called for the expulsion of Arcilesbica for its non-aligned gender critical positions).

  • ARCO Recreational Association of Homosexual Clubs
  • Antinoo Arcigay Naples
  • ArciLesbica
  • ArciLesbica Bologna
  • Arcigay Catania
  • Arcigay Frida Byron Ravenna
  • Arcigay Gioconda Reggio Emilia
  • Arcigay Il Cassero
  • Arcigay La Fenice
  • Arcigay Marcella di Folco Salerno
  • National Arcigay
  • Arcigay Palermo
  • Arcigay Piacenza
  • Arcigay Pisa
  • Arcigay Rome Group Now
  • Arcigay Varese LGBTI
  • Association of Parents of Homosexuals AGEDO
  • InformaGay Association
  • Article Three Homosexual Association of Palermo
  • Quore Association
  • Radical Association Certain Rights
  • Advocacy for LGBTI Rights - Lenford Network
  • CUBE - Bologna University Centre for Ethnosemiotics
  • Center for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights
  • LGBTI Resource Centre
  • Mario Mieli Homosexual Culture Club
  • Circomassimo - Gay and lesbian association / Arcigay Ferrara
  • Arcigay Bergamo Cives Provincial Committee
  • Matthew Shepard Provincial Committee - Arcigay Modena
  • Arcigay Alan Mathison Turing Provincial Committee - Arcigay Rimini
  • Provincial Committee Arcigay CIG - Milan
  • LGBT Turin Pride Coordination
  • D.E.L.O.S.
  • By Gay Project
  • Diversity
  • Excellence & Diversity by GLBT Executives
  • Rainbow Families
  • FUORI Foundation
  • Gender Identity Culture Foundation
  • Gender x
  • Human Rights Awareness
  • Intersex
  • Ireos - Queer Community Self-Managed Service Centre
  • Lambda - Association of Friends of the Sandro Penna Foundation
  • Lieviti - Bisexual, Pansexual and Queer Italians
  • M.I.A. Arcigay Imperia
  • MIT Trans Identity Movement
  • Municipality of Venice - LGBT Cultural Policies Dept.
  • Omphalos
  • PLUS Onlus
  • Rain Arcigay Caserta onlus
  • Rainbow Parents Network


update 14.04.21:

read in some international press articles statements by various ILGA representatives denying the news. The best thing would be a formal note in which ILGA would provide a correct interpretation of the text of the Declaration where it states, in point 14:

a. Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy, gender affirmation, abortion, HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure, or that limit the exercise of bodily autonomy, including laws limiting legal capacity of adolescents

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