30 September 2022

Giorgia's father

Stigmatised also from the left is Rula Jebreal's vulgar attack that places the blame for an unreliable and absent father on Meloni. Absence that may rather offer a key to her political rise to control of a male party. And also her focus on motherhood
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In its vulgar attackstigmatised by the right and the left, Rula Jebreal claims -based on a scoop in the Spanish press- that "Meloni's father is a notorious drug dealer/criminal convicted person who has served a sentence in a prison" when she "states that asylum seekers are criminals who want to replace whites"(again for the record, Meloni announced she will sue Jebreal for attributing this statement to you).

The leader of the right never made a secret of paternal abandonment when she was still at a very young age, of the fundamental breakdown of any relationship with him, of the gynaeceum in which she grew up, with her mother and sister, of the difficulties faced together. If fathers' faults do not fall on their sons and daughters, it is all the more true for abandoned fathers and abandoned daughters.

Apart from the latest splash of mud from this horrible campaign, Perhaps this 'dysfunctional' relationship between father and daughter can explain a lot about Giorgia Meloni's temperament. A father may disappear but never disappears in the symbolic and unconscious of an abandoned child, producing a narcissistic wound that will demand a lifetime of healing (probably the disappearance of a mother is much worse, but so be it).

La Meloni's ability to make his way among men, to measure themselves against the father-party (a radically masculine institution) to the point of conquering the top (in some way, controlling it) probably has to do precisely with the radical experience of an uncontrollable and totally unreliable father. The fact that this father combined his frikkettonism with criminal behaviour changes little, even if some people thought the news was greedy. And perhaps it is greedy, but in the sense we were saying: that It helps to understand the tenacity, the determination of a woman who tries to heal her wound by overturning the balance and managing to get, by making her way among men, where none had ever gone before.

For equal and opposite reasons, it will be interesting to observe Meloni's maternity policies of which she has equally radical experience, as a daughter - for whom her mother was the only strong reference - and as a mother who chooses to dedicate her first day after victory to her little girl, who had been neglected during the tumultuous campaign, and who immediately takes care to protect her from morbidity and the spotlight.

Meloni has repeatedly stated that the war on motherhood is at the centre of her thoughts, as is the issue of denatality: the hope is that he does not want to approach the issue from a purely demographic-statistical point of view (give birth to more Italians, according to the vulgate of his political opponents) but starting with a female desire weakened by too many obstacles and by now powerless in the face of general ingratitude towards mothers and their irreplaceable task. In short, who knows bring maternal wisdom and the mother-daughter relationship subject to the centre of its policiestoday's abject par excellence, and do it for the benefit of all, for a more humane and just society.

The other wish is that takes a very careful look at the way in which the issue of bigenitoriality is being addressed today, all too often to the benefit of abusive and violent fathers who try, and not infrequently succeed, in snatching children away from mothers deemed 'alienating' - the famous cases of Laura Massaro and Antonella Penati-: if he wanted to work on this, he might encounter a lot of resistance both in his majority and in the opposition, but all this pain, all this injustice must be healed.

Marina Terragni

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