Italian psychoanalysts: stop puberty blockers
The Italian Psychoanalytic Society criticizes puberty blockers for children: dangerous and experimental treatment. And she joins gender critical feminists and parents in calling for scientific data and a public debate on the best treatment for minors suffering from gender dysphoria

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For years, we gender critical feminists have been fighting against the scandal of the medicalization of children in the name of gender identity. And for years we have been branded as fascist, reactionary, bigoted.

Today finally an accredited Italian scientific society, the Italian Psychoanalytic Society (SPI), takes a stand, joining us in raising a cry of alarm: The use of puberty blockers is an experimental treatment that does not have a solid scientific basis, and causes serious side effects. Above all, in most cases pre-pubertal gender dysphoria - if minors are not medicalised - resolves on its own after entering puberty.

The psychoanalyst and SPI president Sarantis Thanopulos writes this to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, hoping for the start also in our country of "a rigorous scientific discussion to which the Italian Psychoanalytic Society will willingly contribute".

The letter from the Italian Psychoanalytic Society is consistent with the critical position towards puberty blockers expressed by experts and scientific societies around the world: we have already told you about the investigation by pediatrician Hilary Cass in the UK (here), of the guidelines for the treatment of minors with gender dysphoria in Sweden, Norway and Finland (here And here), the American College of Pediatricians' lawsuit against Biden (here), proposed legislation in some American states (here) and the situation in Australia (here), etc.

In Italy, however, we are far behind: We still don't even have data on how many minors are being treated with puberty blockers, nor do we know in detail the protocols that are applied.

And just last year the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP) guaranteed that the effects of puberty blockers were “completely reversible”, citing as a source the WPATH, an American "transgender health" association that ideologically promotes medical and surgical transition (we told you about it here).

It is time to examine the phenomenon of minors with gender dysphoria, and how they are treated in our hospitals, starting from data and a scientific evaluation without ideologies.

Here is the full text of the letter from the Italian Psychoanalytic Society to Giorgia Meloni.

Dear Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni,

The executive of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society expresses great concern about the use of drugs aimed at producing an arrest of pubertal development in boys of both sexes who have been diagnosed with "gender dysphoria", that is, not recognizing oneself in one's biological sex .

The contraindications to this treatment must be seriously considered:

  • The diagnosis of "gender dysphoria" in prepubertal age is based on the statements of the interested parties and cannot be the subject of careful evaluation while the development of sexual identity is still ongoing.
  • Only a minority of boys who declare that they do not identify with their sex confirm this position in adolescence, after puberty.
  • Suspending or preventing the psychosexual development of a subject, waiting for the maturation of a stable identity definition, is in contradiction with the fact that this development is a central factor in the definition process.
  • Even in cases in which the declared "gender dysphoria" in pre-pubertal age is confirmed in adolescence, the arrest of development cannot lead to a different body, from a sexual point of view, from the original one. The sexual development of one's body even when it contradicts an opposite internal orientation allows for erotic satisfaction that a "blocked" or manipulated body does not offer.

The ongoing experimentation eludes careful scientific evaluation accompanied by in-depth reflection on psychic development and raises strong doubts. It is important to initiate a rigorous scientific discussion on the issue of children with gender problems to which the Italian Psychoanalytic Society will willingly contribute.

On behalf of the executive of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society


Sarantis Thanopulos

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