“Gender and sexual difference. Looks and words in transition”: series of meetings at the Circolo della Rosa in Verona. Part 1, Ballarin and Zamboni

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The Circle of the Rose of Verona organized a series of meetings on "gender issues", also starting from the conflicts that arose during the discussion of the Zan bill.

Title of the cycle: “Gender and sexual difference. Looks and words betweennsition”.

“As Circolo della Rosa” we explain “we felt the need for a comparison that makes it possible to abandon the logic of taking sides and invitations to listen, to sharing, to the willingness to open up to the reasons of the other. For this reason, we have invited people who, starting from points of view rooted in different contexts, can help us in understanding the conceptual, existential and political issues on which the discussion is stuck".

The first meeting ON GENDER IDENTITY is was opened by the interventions of Christian Ballarin (activist Circolo Maurice of Turin) and Chiara Zamboni (philosopher)

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