Get the misogynists out of the public service
The engagement on "Dancing with the Stars" of Teo Mammucari, protagonist of one of the most offensive shows ever against women with a "silent valley" - Flavia Vento - boxed in plexiglass and methodically mocked, raises doubts about the actual commitment of the Rai against violence and chauvinism. And it forces citizens to contribute to the salary of those who have offered women such a degrading image

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To the RAI Board of Directors

to the President MARINELLA MONEY


at the RAI Parliamentary Supervisory Commission


The femicide of Giulia Cecchettin it marked a point of no return in the collective conscience on male violence: the only possible precedent is the Circeo crime.

There RAI represented this moment of pain and political awareness by demonstrating theintent on permanently mobilizing against misogyny and chauvinism. 

For this reason We are surprised, offended and saddened by the engagement on "Dancing with the Stars", Saturday night family show, of a character like Teo Mammucari that a few years ago with his program “Libero” and his “mute valley” Flavia Vento - boxed in a plexiglass box at her feet, regularly humiliated and mocked, see as an example here And here gave birth to one of the most misogynistic and offensive shows towards women ever broadcast on public television. The same Wind he recently admitted Of having felt seriously denigrated at the time.

The involvement of Teo Mammucari in "Ballando" is a questionable choice to say the least. The Mammucari case is certainly not the only one but it is exemplary, and it is it is intolerable that a portion of the fee officially taken from citizens ends up in the pockets of a person who has no reason to be rewarded is that persists in its misogynistic vulgarity.

We ask RAI as a public service not to abdicate its educational functions and that he sticks to his own more consistently declared commitment against male violence, avoiding impose on citizens to contribute pro quota to finance those who have offered such a degrading image of women. 

RadFem Italy

Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body


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