Womb for rent fair in Milan: open letter to Mayor Sala

Scheduled for 21-22 May, the event will re-launch the GPA business after a slowdown due to the pandemic. But in Italy, advertising the buying and selling of children is a crime. We therefore call on the Mayor, the Council and the City Council to alert the police and to take any initiative against this blatant violation of the law.
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To the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala

To the Council

To the City Council

We learn that the 21-22 May in Milan at the Spazio Antologico-East End Studios in via Mecenate 84 A Dream Called Babyuterus for rent fair organised by the promoters of the 'salon', which has already stopped off in Paris, Cologne, Munich and Berlin, and is now coming to Italy for the first time (see here e here).

The intention is relaunching a business, the buying and selling of childrena 'sector' which, like many others, has suffered setbacks and losses due to the pandemic.

Asked about the initiative, at the time Mayor Beppe Sala had guaranteed that no public space would be granted for the event, and that the administration also failed to 'grant any authorisation, sponsorship or other support to the initiative'.

Fiera dell'utero in affitto a Milano: lettera aperta al Sindaco Sala

The space, although private, is nevertheless an offence under Law 40/2004, which not only prohibits and penalises gestation for others carried out in Italy, but also punishes simple propagandawhere it states that "Any person who, in any form whatsoever, carries out, organises or advertises the commercialisation of gametes or embryos or surrogacy shall be punished by the following penalties imprisonment from three months to two years and a fine ranging from EUR 600,000 to EUR 1 million"(Art. 12(6)).

We would therefore like to know whether the Mayor, the Council and the City Council, having been informed well in advance of the offence-crime event scheduled to take place at the East End Studios, would not consider it necessary to take steps to pre-alerting the forces of law and order as well as undertaking any other initiative aimed at preventing the announced violation of Italian law, which is achieved by advertising a practice that in addition to trading in human beings "intolerably offends the dignity of women and deeply undermines relationships'. (Constitutional Court, judgment 272/2017)



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