Baby Fair in Milan: something to hide?

A strict and detailed code of conduct imposed on those attending Wish for a Baby, an assisted reproduction exhibition. Strictly personal badges, a ban on filming and handing out flyers, the threat of expulsion, even appropriate clothing, bag searches and scanners. And uniformed or plainclothes policemen to keep watch. Why so much caution? Isn't this just an information event on the various techniques? Perhaps there will also be talk of surrogacy, the propaganda of which is a crime in Italy? Or are they just trying to frighten off those who intend to be there to peacefully protest against the reproduction market?
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Those who signed up for the Baby Fair Wish for a Baby scheduled for next 20-21 May in Milan received in the last few hours this strict and detailed code of conduct which she must strictly adhere to if she wants to be admitted to the event. But if it is, as explained on the websiteof 'celebrating a new life', meeting 'the best fertility experts from around the world', 'attending seminars' and obtaining information, why all this caution? What is so secret about assisted fertilisation techniques?

Is it not by chance that the Fair will also talk about surrogacy, a practice banned in Italy and whose mere propaganda is also punished? And if so, why, as they say, will they even be present "uniformed and plainclothes policemen'? Are they private police, or would the police then possibly be called upon to protect those who might break the law? Or have they been given assurances that there will be no mention of uterus for rent at the event?

Or is it simply the attempt to scare off those who are legitimately organising peaceful protests against the market in human life? (we highlight two of them)

Fiera del Bebè a Milano: qualcosa da nascondere?
Fiera del Bebè a Milano: qualcosa da nascondere?

Read and get an idea.



- Only visitors registered for the event will be able to participate.

Identity verification

- Anyone attending the event must present at least one form of photo ID (passport, driving licence, national identity card) to the reception agent.

Personal Data

- As an event organiser, we collect and process your personal data for the management and organisation of our events, but under no circumstances do we sell, share or rent your personal data to third parties.

- By choosing to leave their personal data with an exhibitor at the event, the visitor authorises the exhibitor, who may be located outside the European Economic Area, to contact them for commercial purposes, in accordance with their privacy policy.

Security Badges

- The visitor is not authorised to lend or give his badge to another person. Violation of this rule may result in theexpulsion of the visitor.

Age limit

- Persons under the age of 18 may not attend the event without being accompanied by an adult. Visitors accompanied by children under the age of 18 will be responsible for their children.

Health and safety

  • Anyone attending the event must comply with COVID-19 standards and health and safety measures imposed by the organiser, venue, government, local authorities and health authorities concerned (see event website for details)
  • Activities
  • Anyone participating in the event may not participate in a door-to-door sale, leaflet distribution, demonstrations, objectionable behaviour, offensive clothing or any other activity that may disrupt the event.
  • Photography and video

- No visitor or member of the press is allowed to take photographs or make any form of recording (audio or video) during the eventregardless of the circumstances. No entry will be permitted with a camera or video camera.

- Anyone participating in the event is obliged to respect the regulations of the venue.


- Anyone who obtains a ticket or badge by theft, deception or other illegal means will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Site rules

- The organisers reserve the right to exclude from the event and from the site anyone who does not respect

the rules or risk breaking them.

- Any person excluded from participation by virtue of sanctions, laws and regulations also

in which case it may be excluded, at the organisers' discretion.

The decision of the organisers is final and conclusive. Any costs, claims, damages or expenses

incurred by the visitor in connection with this exclusion or withdrawal of liability

of the organiser.


The safety of visitors and exhibitors is our priority. We work closely with the site, local and national authorities to identify risks, assess them and draw up safety plans for our events.

Anyone attending our events should be aware that the following provisions are in place:

  • Salon staff can assist you outside, at the entrance or inside the event;
  • Organisers and exhibitors must wear identification badges;
  • A control of bags is carried out before entering the site;
  • They can be used manual scanners;

- A system of video surveillance is used as a security measure;

- Uniformed and plainclothes security officers are present inside and outside the event building;

  • They are present uniformed and plainclothes policemen;
  • Anyone participating in our events is requested to:

o store your personal belongings and do not leave items unattended;
o seport to the organiser or to East End Studios, Spazio Antologico everything that seems unusual, suspicious o simply strange;
o be patient and courteous with security personnel;
or follow the instructions of the organiser or the East End Studios, Spazio Antologico ; either throw the badge inside the site when leaving home, or once home, and not in the skips located outside the site.

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